PSP Go Price Drops to $200: Is it Enough?

PSP World writes:

"It's official: The price of the PSPGo has dropped to $199 USD starting today.

For those with $200, who want the best PSP system currently on the market, and don't mind paying a slight premium for downloadable games, this new offer might just be enough to push them over the edge. The problem for Sony is that marketing the PSP Go as a premium product when the entire handheld brand is in trouble won't fundamentally change its fortunes. What PSP consumers want, whether value-conscious or loaded with disposable income, is a unique handheld gaming experience wit lots of variety and quality titles."

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clinker3286d ago

People are unlikely to bite even at this lower price, when everyone knows that a new PSP will be announced in the next year. I'm sure my trusty old PSP-2000 can hold out until then.

Bereaver3286d ago

I have the same feeling. I don't believe many will go for this, just a few and far between. Now that I think about it, why even make a pspgo with only a short time before psp2 comes out?

MrAwesome3286d ago

No UMD nor KH:BBS? I would't buy this for $99

Close_Second3286d ago

...people bitch about the Go having no UMD. If you want to use UMD go for the 3000.

However, anyone who has gone Go does not cry about having no UMD. Games load faster...a hell of a lot faster. Battery life is extended and they don't have to cart several discs around when on the move.

Maybe they should come out with a UMD version of the IPod.

tacosRcool3286d ago

So does everybody want to underpay everything?

I'll buy that for a dollar!

Knushwood Butt3286d ago

@ Close_Second

Too true. I got my Go at release and kept my 3000 as I thought I would use both. Not long after, I sold my 3000 as I never touched it anymore.

The 3000 is a great system, no doubt, but for me, the Go is a perfect match. I love it, and use it almost every day.

As for software, Square Enix have some great stuff in the pipeline. Tactics Ogre, Dissidia Duodicium (SP?), and the new Parasite Eve game. All look quality, and are worlds apart.

Cheeseknight283285d ago

He clearly said why people bitch. Because Kingdom Hearts BBS isn't available through digital distribution, and there are no plans for it to be.

BBS is tied for best in the serie;, there is no reason to "upgrade" to a Go if you can't even play one of the console's best games. This would be akin to the Slim not being able to load Uncharted 2, and ND refused to make a patch to allow it. Why would you deprive yourself of an excellent game?

ABizzel13285d ago


I agree as well, I like the Blu Tooth support for the Go.

I like the preinstalled 16GB memory, and I have another 16GB micro pro duo (hate micro pro duo $$$).

PSN has a bunch of PSP games on sale for $5 - $10 so it's very comparable to the used game market prices.

I have about 30 games on my go, and if I still had that for my 2000 that would be impossible to carry around all the time (you can download to the 2000, but the Go's free 16GB helps it from filling up too quickly when you add music, videos, and games, while the 2000's memory stick gets crammed quickly).

I like the slide out screen of the Go, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy :).

I like how small the Go and how it fits in my pocket comfortably. The 1000 was big and clunky, the 2000 was a lot lighter, but it was still big.

There are a bunch of pro for the PSP Go, and a lot of people complain or continue to hate on it when they don't have one. Stop being haters all your life.

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VINNIEPAZ3286d ago

"Why do...
...people bitch about the Go having no UMD. If you want to use UMD go for the 3000.

However, anyone who has gone Go does not cry about having no UMD. Games load faster...a hell of a lot faster. Battery life is extended and they don't have to cart several discs around when on the move."

You can already do that with the 2001/2002 models. Its called custom firmware.

jeeves863286d ago

Yeah, and it's ideology like that which has pretty much been the nail in the coffin of the PSP, it's probably the leading reason why PSP games are so expensive, making up for lost revenue. Thanks a bunch, from the people who get their games legit.

yesah3286d ago

you can buy an xbox 360 for the same price, i have an old psp but i cant justify buying games for it. Any gaming done portably wont be for hardcore remakes of console games with shittier quality, itll be for fun simple things like youd find on the itouch like tetris or paper toss or something. psp is bombing because noone wants to pay for a shittier version of a game just to play it on the 'go'

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Blaster_Master3286d ago

I think even $100 bucks is a little steep for something that isn't even a phone or and doesn't have at least 3g. I can get a Sprint Evo for the same price. I know it doesn't do games, but again, if Im gonna get into games, I wouldn't spend my money on a hand held device that doesn't even do 720p or have really any decent games. The games on the psp are alright, but nothing better then I can get on consoles right? We need a freakin portable that does more than this thing does. Its 2010, there are prepaid cell phones that cost less and do more.

HDgamer3286d ago

There are actually some games that even console games are sucking in.

NotSoSilentBob3286d ago

It isn't the price of the system but the over priced games on the PSN that are discouraging people from getting it. I don't care how many games they offer for free when I have to pay 40$ for a new game and I am stuck with it for the length of the PSN and can't lend it to a friend/trade it away that lowers the value of it. Release games should be $25-$30 TOPS while games that are 6-8weeks old 20-25. Even then they aren't low enough to buy many of. The PSPgo is the premier reason Digital Downloads will not become mainstream anytime soon.

crillinFLIP3373286d ago

I've had the go for almost a year now and I really like it! to me the price is justified by not having to carry UMDs with me. My gripe is that there are so many games that I miss out on because they aren't digital. That's the go's real downfall

brianunfried3286d ago

Not when the iPod Touch is $199.

Anorexorcist3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

You're comparing an apple to a mango. The IPod Touch cannot do (or play) what the PSP Go can.

If you want slight diversions like Tap Attack, go with the Ipod Touch. If you want real gaming entertainment like God of War: Ghost of Sparta and Metal Gear: Peace Walker, go with the PSP Go.

Is the drop to $200 enough??? Hell it is for me.

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