Medal of Honor PS3 | Team Assault Kunar Base Gameplay

This is the map Kunar Base with a submachine weapon, this map is overbalanced and as you can see you die alot. Check out our youtube for more gameplay

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RPcinemas3291d ago

cool think i will stick with black ops but

NAGNEWS3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

i dont see the problem about this game, it looks just fine and iam gonna buy this game tomorrow ;)

nice gameplay btw

Agree = a true gamer
Disagree = black ops trolls

Ares84PS33291d ago

I own the game since launch and looks are decieving.

It's not a good game. It's an ok game. Online is pretty bad. The single player story is ok but it took me like 6 hours on hard. Graphics could have been better.

I'm not a black ops troll. I'm more of a BFBC2 guy. But MoH isn't good. In's pretty bad compared to other great shooters like BFBC2 and COD(not MW2).

toaster3291d ago

True gamers on N4G? I'd like some of what you're smoking.

Also, 0 Agrees 7 Disagrees ATM. lol!!

Insomnia_843291d ago

I'm hooked on this game, I like it. Single player is good and multiplayer is fun. It looks like campers will have a hard time in this game dew to the "Skill Points" I like the ranking system here. Shotgun is over-powered and nades under-powered, a simple update can fix that. My favorite mode is Objective Raid. IT IS A GOOD GAME!!

Scary693291d ago

The game is good in its own way. Right now if you rank up the Sniper that is what most of these players are using because of the one shot kill. The online is so unbalance it's not even funny. You get killed quicker by a sniper then by a guy from the other team standing in-front of you. This game is in need of a major patch ASAP. Grenades if thrown midway on the screen will blow up before it even reaches the ground. The game does have issues but what game doesn't during launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.