Yuji Naka Talks Prope, Ivy the Kiwi?, Motion Control and Nintendo HD Consoles

The widely respected Yuji Naka is set to launch his latest project in Europe later this month. As the co-creator of the phenomenally successful Sonic The Hedgehog series and now sitting at the helm of his own development studio, Prope, many eyes are currently watching to see Naka’s next move. Following the inventive Wii exclusive Let’s Tap comes Ivy the Kiwi?, a unique title that concerns itself more with the player’s interaction than the ultimate goal. Electronic Theatre recently had the opportunity to put some questions to Naka, and of course we jumped at the chance.

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knifefight3292d ago

I first read this as "sitting at the helm of his own development studio, The Pope, many eyes are..." Yeah I'm tired. goodnight internet!

mjolliffe3292d ago

Managed to catch him at the Eurogamer Expo - excellent presentation!