Gran Turismo 5 - The Duke Nukem of Racing Games - A Delay History

Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed. Fans were shocked because they want to get hands on probably the best racing game ever. Meanwhile GT5 could become the Duke Nukem of racing games. Hopefully not. Videogameszone presents the complete delay history of Gran Turismo 5 from E3 2006 to October 13th.

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lodossrage3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Gran Turismo only had 2 delays

The first was when the japan date got pushed from march to November. The second was the recent one when the game was pushed from November to whatever day they give it now.

EVERY other "delay" outside of those two were dates fanboys and media gave the game. And then when THEIR speculated dates (not official dates) for the game's release didn't happen, they had the nerve to call it a "delay"

Duke Nukem on the other hand was meant to come out MANY years ago. That game was announced back when I was in high school. I'm 5 years out of COLLEGE now and the game finally has a release.

So please, tell me how GT5 delay compares to the nearly vaporware levels that Duke Nukem had.

Hanif-8763698d ago

Gran Turismo 5 only had one delay for North America & Europe

ExplosionSauce3698d ago

Exactly. And the date was also never announced from the the beginning. It was TBA until this year.

GT5 was never in development hell like Duke Nukem(11 or 12 years so far)

DERKADER3698d ago

The problem is the long development time. The 2 delays were just a kick in the nuts.

Anton Chigurh3698d ago

Gran Turismo 5 was suppose to be a launch title

cmrbe3698d ago

Where is your proof?.

Anton Chigurh3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

GT5 was supposed to be out during European PS3 launch in 2007.

Theonik3698d ago

GT5 was never meant to be a launch tittle. Yamauchi just said he hoped to finish it by 2007 but made no promises.

dkblackhawk503698d ago

As majority of interview was related towards his past and work on previous incarnations of GT games, he stated that he "hopes that GT5 will be finished during 2007".

Your source is already contradicting yourself. He said he hopes for it to be a launch title, he didn't say it was going to be. Good job backing up yourself /s

dkblackhawk503698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

double post

The Lazy One3698d ago

"GT5 was never meant to be a launch tittle. Yamauchi just said he hoped to finish it by 2007 but made no promises."

So it only took 3 years longer than his original estimates. If only we had some english word that meant to do something later than planned or scheduled... I don't know what that word might be though.

ExplosionSauce3698d ago

Which was scrapped, there's no way the actual GT5 that we know now, was ever going to be launch title.

cmrbe3698d ago

From an interview?. I want proof of Sony officially announcing GT5 launched in 2007.

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Keith Olbermann3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

where as we have been playing demo's and events of GT 5 for years now. This article fails.

jony_dols3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Yeah, of course its a good thing.

That means Polyphony have been constantly updating and polishing the gameplay and graphical elements of GT5 for years.

It was pretty much their form of Beta testing,
and because it was mostly video game critics and journalists that attend
those events, it means that they have gotten the positive and negative feedback from some of the most sought after opinions in the gaming and motoring world.

number473698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Alan Wake took 5 Years.
Too Human took 5-10 years.
Splinter Cell took 5 years
Duke nukem's been cancelled/rebooted

Rockstar said RDR took 5? Years right. Not sure. The rest prove the point just fine.

The biggest racing game franchise known to man with more features than any sim & god takes 5-6 years & releases a prologue, and Xbox fanboys wanna make articles about that?


I think I get it?

callahan093698d ago

They also released Tourist Trophy and Gran Turismo PSP between GT4 and GT5. They've released 3 retail titles since GT4. I don't see what the problem is, really.

The Lazy One3698d ago

too human didn't take 5-10 years. There was another game called "Too Human" that was like Deus Ex that was canceled 10 years ago. The Too Human that was released was only in development for 3 years.

number473698d ago

Lazy one. Feel free to remove it from the list & dont miss the point.

The point is that several games have had lengthy development cycles & false start delays. GT5 has taken just as much time & is providing a new bar for the genre its in, unlike all the titles mentioned.

The Lazy One3697d ago

wasn't saying you were wrong. Just something that gets on my nerves when people say that Too Human was in development for 10 years when the final released game only took them 3ish years to develop.

They released 2-3 games between the original too human and the final too human also.

it's a pet peeve of mine when people underestimate/under value the work that developers do on games.

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kaveti66163698d ago

well, how many official release dates were given for duke nukem forever, and how many official delays?

lodossrage3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

you should do yourself a favor and READ your own links

It never said it was going to be OUT in 2007. Kazunori said he HOPES.

So those "disagree fairies" are right to disagree with you. Next time, read your links LOL

As of right now, the ONLY thing you've proven was that you can't read past the headline of your own "proof"

Karum3698d ago

Well said my friend. I was listening to this week's podcast by IGN and they were saying the exact same thing and I'm like wtf are you guys talking about? There's been 2 delays in Japan, only one in this part of the world as the west was only ever given one official release date which is the one that has just been delayed.

I have no idea where they have conjured up these delays from.

Tony-Red-Grave3698d ago

GT5 only ever had 1 delay, two if you count now, but when speculation on the release date epically failed analysts had the nerve to call it a delay.

plus the game was only ever put into 4yrs of work and considering all the work KY and his team had to, a complete rehaul, im surprised the game looks and feels so good so fast, thats the most work i've ever seen put into one game tbh.

KY and his team had to build a whole new physics engine just so people can understand.

but leave it to either the press, spoiled "fannys", or 360 fanyboy to show no respect for the game PD or KY.


You are right.

Besides, Duke Nukem have more than 10 Years.

GT5 around 5 and 6 years.

bustamove3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I don't even...



There were two delays. TWO DELAYS. How in God's name did they come up with this list of delays?!

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nightfallinicedearth3698d ago

If the game was TBA at the start, how does that count as a delay?

thor3698d ago

Duke Nukem has for the most part been TBA also.

The problem is that people _expected_ the release date to be on many occasions - and those days came and went with no GT5.

RetroReborn3698d ago

a lot of hate and bad press for this game, does anyone understand that this is the biggest racing game ever put on a disk? the amount of stuff crammed into the disc is amazing, peps just need to calm down and wait.

Fishy Fingers3698d ago

It's easier than finding something news worthy or new to write about. Just jump on the bandwagon, stick GT and delay in your title, write something everyone already nows and post it up. Easy.

irepbtown3698d ago

Problem is, the longer you wait, the higher expectations.
Same with a game being Hyped (MW2).

I do believe GT5 will meet my expectations, and my expectations are simple; Hours and Hours of fun.

ApocalypseShadow3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

GT5 will release.and when it does,GT fans will buy it.doesn't matter how long it has been.

PATIENT gamers want quality from a quality company like polyphony.better game and more content is the result for the price of $60.

IMPATIENT gamers get and buy average,buggy games that end up needing DLC because the game was rushed and unfinished.more BUYING is the result and you end up paying more than $60 for lesser quality.sometimes,these gamers buy DLC sold as full priced games(odst,crackdown2,l4d2,etc ).how is that good?and for all that BUYING of forza 2 and 3 COMBINED,it still doesn't equal what is going to be in GT5.

i cant wait.unless you are dying within the next month,you can wait for the best driving sim out there for consoles.would you want a quick balogna sandwich or a philly steak sandwich with all the trimmings?

outlawlife3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

honestly I've been a huge fan of the series over the years but this is getting ridiculous

with all of the the delays and devs talking about perfection this game will never be as good as it is expected to be

they have painted themselves into a corner with this cycle and when it comes out a lot of people will be very underwhelmed because they are expecting the end all of games with no issues

I'm looking at this realistically and hope others should as well

if you are looking for something mind blowing that we haven't already seen from the press, previews, demos, and prologues over the years then you will be very disappointed in this game

there is no mystery here, we have known what were were getting for years and it will only set people up to be disappointed

this game would have been better served if they had not announced it years ago when it wasn't even close to ready

alphakennybody3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

huge fan? obvious troll is obvious. Try harder next time will ya.

@ below
"...with all the delays..." " continually pushing back..." really ? lol troll harder next time

outlawlife3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

what am I trolling?

I don't think the game should have been announced years ago when they knew it wasn't coming out and then continually pushing it back is only going to hurt the reception

the hype around this game has only been bad for it in the long run, by announcing it so long before it was to be ready they put unnecessary amounts of pressure on themselves and now they are having trouble living up to expectation

the same thing has been happening with huge game releases for the last couple years and if you disagree with that you have been spending too much time on n4g and not actually playing

obviously you don't know how to read an opinion without assuming somebody has some lame motive

but whatever grow up...console wars are for kids...I own all the systems and could care less which one you want to play

irepbtown3698d ago

Actually, it should have been announced. There just was no release date. I am a huge fan of Gran Turismo also, i dont want to wait, but i will wait. I am not happy, but i will be patient

What you are writing is absolute nonsense
'There is no mystery here'
I am agreeing with alphakennybody on this one.

outlawlife3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

there is no mystery

they have shown every aspect of this game from the menus to the track editor to the damage

by announcing it years ago and having to show it at every trade show for 3 years or so the wow factor is gone at this point

when the reviews come pout they will be high but there will be a lot of "well we have seen this already" and "this is exactly what we expected"


why don't you try actually formulating a real reply instead of using those cool words like "troll"

I've owned all the GT games up to this point and over 200 PS2 games...sorry if I'm not fitting your standards for fan

Dee_913698d ago

so to you screens of menus and gameplay = finished product ?

Karum3698d ago

How was it continually pushed back? Where are you getting this assumption from?

Yes the game was announced but only twice has it been given a release date in Japan and has been given one release date in Europe/NA.

It was supposed to come out in March over in Japan which was the first time they ever gave a date as to when the game would be released. That ended up being pushed back to November which also marked the first official release date given for Europe/NA.

This has of course since been delayed but you're making it sound like there have been numerous delays over the years which is simply just false. This is why you have alpha there giving you stick over your comments.

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NBT913698d ago

I get what you are saying: GT5 will be excactly what everyone has seen.
And what I have seen is the best driving game ever crafted :3

outlawlife3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

but at least you understand my point that sony should have held off on the game a bit?

I just don't think is very good marketing for your flagship franchise when it is to be perceived as being delayed several times whether anyone says "officially" or not

everybody here knows when the game was announced it was supposed to be out soon after whether or not they put a public date on it

Dee_913698d ago

well actually when most gets announced they come out a few years later..
not a year later
you dont understand tha GranTurismo isnt one of those games that comes out a year after each other .judging from the last 4 the wait is usually 3 - 4 years

UltimateIdiot9113698d ago

Is it ridiculous? SC2 took like 10 years and we all knew that was coming since forever.

What happen? Millions of fans bought it after 10 years. The biggest disappointment is how they split the campaign into 3.

I think a lot of us are looking at this realistically. Many of us know what PD is all about and know what we to expect from them. For goodness sake, it's a racing game, the only expectation is for the game to come close to reality as it can. The rest is online play and pretty interface.

It's not like we are waiting for the next part of the story for GT4. OMG, WILL THE HERO WIN THE NEXT RACE?!?!?!

I've bought and played a lot of games in between and will patiently wait for GT5 just like how I did for SC2. You know what, sometimes the wait is worth it but I can't say the same for everyone.

Honestly, it's not like anyone didn't expect GT5 to come. I think fans and people will be more upset to not hear them working on anything. For one, they let the fans know that they can rest there mind because GT5 is being work on. Not like anyone with a brain had any doubt that GT5 will become vaporware unlike DNF.

I am sick of paying $60 to unfinish/half ass games. The whole DLC and patching has made so many gamers and devs impatient and lazy.

outlawlife3698d ago

I'm not saying the game won't be finished I just think it has been handled poorly

they have themselves in the endless loop of "not good enough must be better"

if anyone has ever worked in a creative industry this is a terrible thing, at some point you need to bite the bullet and be satisfied with your work

being a perpetual perfectionist is not always for the better

The Lazy One3698d ago

I can kind of see what you're saying. A lot of other games long in development have handled the hype train a lot better. With GT5 it seems like we already have all the information. It doesn't help that GT5 isn't really a story driven game, so it's not like there's something in the way of a story surprise to fall back in.

There's also a huge competition factor when you release so much info about your game over such a broad time. Gives other developers a lot of time to come out of left field with a game that looks really good. A solid example is the new need for speed (though an arcade sim rather than straigh sim), which came out of nowhere and is taking at least some of the wind out of the GT5 sails by releasing now sooner than GT5.

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