Poll Closed: What will be your FPS of choice? The winner is...

The polls have been closed and your voice has been heard. It really came down to the wire on this one. As a reminder, your choices were BioShock, Halo 3, and Stranglehold.

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unsunghero284163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

Because some people still think the 360 is the only console with first-person shooters coming out for it.

EZCheez4163d ago

I thought "first" person shooters had to be in "first" person. Shows what I know.

kyzer19784163d ago

Why didn't they bother to include Metroid Prime 3 or Unreal Tournament, or Call of Duty 4 in the poll? Talk about a stupid poll!

Ri0tSquad4163d ago

That game doesn't have a chance but UT3 now it would have maybe been close.

beans4163d ago

The only winners are the gamers and thats it period!


Yes cause, as we know, Stranglehold, as a movie to game adaption, deserve all our trust it will be someway good...

I would take Haze or Metroid Prime 3 anyday of the week over Stranglehold for this third place. Bioshock deserves first, Halo is not my cup of tea, but I'm not also that representative...

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The story is too old to be commented.