Duke Nukem Forever Preview: Steve Gibson Interview [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn: After getting their grubby little mitts on some game time with the Duke, Dealspwn’s Dave Brown and Matt Gardner had a little chat with Gearbox Software’s VP of Marketing Steve Gibson. After founding Shacknews and spending a good decade bemoaning the lack of DNF, Steve found himself on the other side of the fence last year when he joined Gearbox and we spent a little bit of time picking his brains

Steve Gibson: So, what do you call this? We call it a recorder.

Dave Brown: A “dictaphone”

SG: (scoffs) Dictaphone. You and your aluminiums! Anyway, continue…

DB: Right, how much of the game has been created by Triptych and how much by Gearbox? What’s the relationship there?

SG: Triptych is about 8 or so dudes and the whole team is like 70 guys. There’s the math, I don’t have a more complicated answer for you than that....

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pixelsword3286d ago

If I were a betting man, I'd say that this game isn't coming out for the Playstation 3; they had a hard enough time to get it for the PC and 360. Unless they hire someone, nay, a group of people to get it out on the PS3 in a timely fashion, it probably won't come out at all; if it's worth porting in the first place, that is.