FTG Review: Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor is a new shooter developed by Electronic Arts, which is a reboot of their original Medal of Honor, bringing the series into the modern era. Is EA successful in bringing Medal of Honor to the “future” or does it fall all the way back to World War 2?

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Ares84PS33698d ago

Very short campaign. Weak MP. 6.5 si about right. Honestly I would have give it a 7.

I feel like the game was released way too early. They should have worked on it for about another year. The potential is there but it just isn't want it could have been.

Sweeet3698d ago

Yeah you can tell it was rushed, no doubt to get a release ahead of Black Ops.

I think the biggest flaw with the multiplayer is DICE butchering the Frostbite engine by turning off all the physics. This is clearly an engine that wasn't designed to be used in this way, which is evident by the fact you can sniper someone who is running on the other side of the map providing you're aiming on them when you fire... There's a bullet delay, but you'll still hit them, even if in a real life situation they would have moved out the way. Even CoD has a realistic bullet delay for long shots. It makes the kills feel really cheap when shooting from far away.

It's too late for a major game engine overhaul now though, too bad really.

LincolnForce913698d ago

The campaign doesn't really need to be that long anyway. Most people who buy it are mostly going to play the multilayer.

BattleAxe3698d ago

Uncharted 2 hit dead on, with a long and epic single player campaign and fantastic online co op and competitive modes. All AAA games should have a good single player campaign.

SoapShoes3698d ago

Sounds like a description of MW2, but that game got a free pass. Hmmm...

Close_Second3698d ago

...but this game is not as good as that in terms of single player. I did not like MW2 multiplayer so for me MOH is better in that respect.

tacosRcool3698d ago

Halo 3, ODST, and Reach all have short campaigns and yet they get the best scores. Another crap review

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HeroXIV3698d ago

Bought it today. Just wanna replay Frontlines tbh, but also because I've needed a new game since maybe June. :(

LincolnForce913698d ago

Not so sure I'll be picking this one up.

DeadpoolSkye3698d ago

Good article. Agreed on most points in it. There was so much potential for MoH.

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