New PS3 Netflix Version Leapfrogs Xbox 360, Best Version Yet

If you thought Netflix going native on the PlayStation 3 simply meant you wouldn't have to spindle a disc, think again.

Sure, when Monday next week rolls around and a new PS3 update rolls out grafting Netflix to the XMB cross-menubar overlay, the disc Netflix employed to circumvent timed exclusivity with Microsoft becomes a coaster. But you'll also see a few features even the Xbox 360 version doesn't sport yet.

For starters, the PS3 version of Netflix will now support Dolby Digital Plus 5.1-channel surround sound for movies and TV shows streamed from the service. To be honest, I didn't realize that wasn't already an option because my 5.1 kit's in mothballs, but for those with pimped surround gear, your sonic bliss is here.

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StanLee3295d ago

Does anyone know if this will support viewing with a party on PS3? 1080p streaming would be a huge plus if you have the connection.

gaffyh3295d ago

@StanLee - Probably not, because that is a feature that only Xbox has at the moment. Though that doesn't mean it's a good feature though, because I personally never use it and probably never will.

frostypants3295d ago Show
pangitkqb3295d ago

I'm thrilled to be able to watch Netflix without removing the game I was just playing :). Multimedia baby!

Christopher3295d ago

Can finally use this upstairs and downstairs without having to go and get the disc. Good news.

MrMccormo3295d ago

I didn't mind the disc. What I did mind was the low-def content on Netflix. I hope the continue adding more HD stuff for me to watch.

darthv723295d ago

I use the netflix on my 360, bluray, wii and ps3 and so far only my bluray and 360 didnt need a disc. Any time I can use the service without the need for a disc is a plus.

I can only assume that nintendo is developing their netflix channel to be releases soon. With netflix and other apps (youtube, pandora, etc) being integrated right into tv's and players only shows that there is a market for streaming media.

Ps3 version best...? I will have to judge that for myself. Although, since i am part of the new xbox beta I dont care for the flat look they gave the netflix now. I liked the psudo 3d isometric look of moving through the different choices it was before.

frostypants3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

The PS3 version will be the best hands down, at least for now. Last I checked you couldn't search for movies on the 360 version (or the old PS3 version). Thus if you wanted to watch something that wasn't in the suggestion sections, you had to add it to the queue via their website. Very annoying.

But this has search now. Me = happy.

EDIT: So they're adding search for the 360 in November? Thank god...why it was ever missing in these console versions is anyone's guess.

ImpartialMan3295d ago

the free PSN is similar or better than XBL gold.

DMason3295d ago

The new Boxee media server already has this interface.

mikeslemonade3295d ago

Yea I like this one. It's like the PSN store so you can browse movies easier. On 360 essentially you see three movies at a time, so it takes a while to find a movie you want to see. The 360 netflix is flashy though but the user friendliness could be better.

DaTruth3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

So now saying anything bad about the 360 is trolling? He's talking about his own 360 and that it is loud!

Can we please have some rules so we don't inadvertently troll! Like no more comments in anyway negative towards the 360!

Weaksauce11383295d ago

Fewer features, but sure, it's better if you cherry pick.

Jaces3295d ago

No party viewing known yet but it does support 1080i.

NegativeCreepWA3295d ago

Don't know if anyone knows this but all these features are also in the new 360 dashboard update and 5.1 is like HD only available for certain shows.

Anyways been waiting for 5.1 for a while. And now with the PS3 being disc free, if I like the new interface I'll be using it for netflix because the 360 is to loud for watching movies.

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ELite_Ghost3295d ago

umm netflix is out already bud... XD

Sheikh Yerbouti3295d ago

Lost my disc a while back, but sometime after Hulu. Be great to have both.

Dacapn3295d ago

1080p streaming? Sweet.

AndrewRyan3295d ago

Too bad Netflix in Canads sucks :( I got one moth for free cancelled before the next month started, the only thing worth watching was Mad men.

ELite_Ghost3295d ago

yea theres not that much choices in canada. But it'll get better they just gotta sort shit out

harrysmith3295d ago

The PS3 just gets better and better

N4Great3295d ago

who can disagree ? it's sad.

WoshJills3294d ago

Well that's the concept.

Wii is fun and innovative, but lacks both hardware and software dominance.
Xbox is centered around software.
PS3 is hardware-minded.

The benefit of having great hardware is that you can add peripherals (PlayStation Move) and update the software (Netflix, PlayStation Network, Firmware updates) to match, or surpass the quality of any other console on the market.

vhero3295d ago

So not only does PS3 now have lovefilm it beats 360 at the American version?? For non gaming PS3 is the way to go for the whole entertainment package only a few have ever doubted that though and tried to argue. Can we move on and just agree PS3 is ultimate entertainment package outside getting a PC connected to your TV?

jack_burt0n3295d ago

if ur talking about legal media watching its better than a pc, the ps3 is infinitely better at playing bluray, the crappy powerdvd etc.

harrysmith3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

All u got 2 do is switch on your PS3 and it Leapfrogs the Xbox 360 in every way L0L

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THC CELL3295d ago ShowReplies(10)
Dylantalon13295d ago

you can say that the ps3s hardware power leapfrogs over the xbox 360s in everyway.

ps. the talon stands for talented

Blacktric3295d ago

"ps. the talon stands for talented"

Thank you. I've been dying to know what your egotastical name meant.

SexyPrawns3295d ago

Lighten up. It's a joke.

JoySticksFTW3294d ago

I've been dying for him to start using the "ps. the talon stands for talented" again

He hasn't used it in a long while

About damn time! :)

divideby03295d ago

whoa... was not expecting better video and audio quality than the version I used on my 360...

guess me paying for Gold gets me less, according to this article..

in time, I will assume the Live version of netflix will catch up...

most def. will do another trial on the PS3 this time

lets see how this will now be spinned bad in some way

divideby03295d ago

more gutless blind DAs.... so wish you would comment.

how is getting more a bad thang ?

oh you only own one console and now feel bad, dont fret my and your 360 will get this upgrade sometime, I guess.... cant make this stuff up.

PS3 gets a free movie , not a big deal, and the blind negative nellies come out...again... cant make this stuff up

LoydX-mas3295d ago

Welcome to the wonderful world of N4G, where the "drive-by" DAs arrive for no reason whatsoever.

radphil3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

"Welcome to the wonderful world of N4G, where the "drive-by" DAs arrive for no reason whatsoever. "

I dunno why I get the vivid image of that one skit from Family Guy where he talks about the worst being in London is drive-by arguments.

"Oh Regonald......I DISAGREE!" *speeds off*

frostypants3295d ago

Sorry...had to. :-)

*peels out*

Strikepackage Bravo3295d ago

360 Netflix already has all of that, read the article, he even admits it. The only reason he claims PS3 netflix is better is because of the interface appearance.

The title is misleading.

Gamefan123295d ago

does not have 1080i or 5.1

mxrider23295d ago

Unless im blind ive never seen a search bar on the 360.... and it does not look nearly as nice as the ps3 new one and if you read the new update on the article it says ps3 will be streaming 1080p

dtalon33295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

well then maybe you should have gotten into the new dashboard beta...its coming november 4th. Just because you don't have it doesn't mean it doesnt exist...I am looking at the searchbar on my 360 as we speak.

and IMO no streaming service outputs at true 1080p its just upscaled...IMO the only way you will get true 1080p is of off of physical media storage devices (blu ray, HD-DVD, Hard Drives etc.)
otherwise too many factors contribute to it not actually being 1080p.
Your bandwidth, your internet connection, your router network, wireless setup...streaming HD is still imperfect. Until networks and Highspeed internet are more widely accessible we will only get pieces of the good stuff.

LinuxGuru3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

@ one of Dylantalon's multiple accounts

Compressed (it's not upscaled) 1080p is better than no type of 1080p at all. And considering the Cell is a master of compression and decompression, I really don't think the picture quality will be that bad at all. In fact, it might be pretty damned good for all you know.

Cry Moar

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vhero3295d ago

It's a joke if you have to pay for gold to use netflix on 360.

Trroy3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Well... you do. And of course you have to pay for Netflix as well.

timmyrulz3295d ago

Well i cant speak for anyone else but i have my consoles to play games - if i want films then i either take a trip down the village or order online

divideby03295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

^ I do agree. I was not impressed with Netflix when I tried it. IV only offered older movies out on DVD or TV series at least 2 seasons old.. and saying this is worth paying for with Live is just stupid

Just find it interesting the audio and video quality increase with the PS3 version and no mention of it for my 360

vhero3295d ago

I totally agree in some ways but I use my PS3 for both I use my Xbox1 in my bedroom (with XBMC) for streaming and my ps3 downstairs for gaming and media streaming + blu rays. It's win-win really. Ultimate gamers choose the best of all worlds Fanboys lose out.

athlon7703295d ago

Very refreshing to see that type of post. Because it is Friday, have a bubble!

LinuxGuru3295d ago

@ timmyrulz

You're right, you can't speak for anyone else, because quite frankly you're in the minority now.

Consoles are multi-function devices that serve, in a lot of cases, as the home theater center or hub in a home.

Consumers nowadays typically want product consolidation and want as much function out of one device as they can get. Hence the modern influx of devices like the iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Blackberry, etc. People want their money to be efficiently and effectively spent.