Online Pass Not Needed For Medal Of Honor

The online pass code for Medal Of Honor is not need to play the game online, despite news stories to the contrary.

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jdktech20103289d ago

You do need it to get the BF3 beta btw....just in case people weren't sure

jdktech20103289d ago

within 12 months of October 12th.....that's all they've said

JobForARockStar3289d ago

So I'm happy that you can still play without it. I really want to check out the MP... but definitely not enough to pay for it.

MrMccormo3289d ago

Wow, well perhaps EA learned their lesson with Skate 3 and their other "online pass" games.

gcolley3289d ago

do you really believe that do you?

TheDeadMetalhead3289d ago

Ah, I remember when I was that optimistic. Good times...

BaSeBaLlKiD7213289d ago

Actually, you need the online pass to be able to get the extra content. Just like in BC2 where you get free map packs. It's not needed to actually play online. Without it, you will only play with the original maps and guns.

DaBadGuy3289d ago

O rly? Well I don't know how much use I'm gonna get out of the Online Pass anyway. I think after Campaign, I'm out.

LinuxGuru3289d ago

EA is plain DUMB if they think the online pass will work for anything except early access or access to betas.

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