Top 5 Tips For Medal Of Honor Online

5. Use the radar
It seems obvious, but watching the radar for enemy positions is CRUCIAL. Like Modern Warfare, enemies will only appear when they fire. So watch for the orange arrows that appear, watch the direction the arrow is pointing, and don’t fire until totally necessary.

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SpitFireAce853287d ago

want this game but cant get my self to throw down the
$60 with so many great games coming up...damn what
should I do?

3287d ago
iagainsti1203287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

well this is how i buy my games. I pre-order months in advance so i can pay it off like $5-$10 a week so it dosen't hurt my wallet all at once.

I love the new Medal of Honor the campain was short but really fun, but where this game really shines is online i think its safe to say its like they took battlefield BC2 and mashed it in with call of Duty and it makes for some great gameplay.

DelbertGrady3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I'd get more money. /s

I haven't had the chance to try the MP yet but from what MAG_SVER and some others pointed out below it doesn't sound as if it holds BF BC 2 standards. One can hope that they patch the spawning problem and maybe downgrade the snipers a little.

Also, if you just bought it I recommend you to play it on Hard from the getgo. The other modes are far too easy.

Darth Gamer3286d ago

I played the campaign on hard knowing that it was short hoping to make it a little longer for myself but still beat it in about 6.5 hours. I only died maybe 15 times the whole campaign too. Very easy game. On COD, on hardened, I'd be wanting to slit my own wrist from dying so much 6.5 hours in and only about half way done. :)

hardcorehippiez3286d ago

i cant understand for the life of me why this got mediocre reviews. its an awesome game and if you like shooters get it . depends on your budget tho if you can only get one, wait and see if codbo is any good but going by treyarc's past attempts id say it will be good but not brilliant.The main thing that puts me off cod these days is the unstable p2p, my opinion is dedicated servers are much better. but hey its your choice at the end of the day and enjoy what ever game you get

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Shackdaddy8363287d ago

Smoke is extremely important in this game. Especially on maps with a lot of snipers.

GLoRyKnoT3287d ago

is the most important aspect of gaming:)

MAG_SVER3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I have to admit, the SP was awesome as I said in my previous post after completing it, I didn't comment on MP at that time because I didn't play it yet.


But wtf, the MP is garbage, like serious, the game is so broken online it's not worth playing. If you die, good luck spawning in a location where you will be able to take a step before getting killed again. I swear to god, I'm very good at FPS games but how the hell do I prevent myself from getting spawn kill 4 times in a row consecutively without being able to move.

1st of all you have no option for where on the map you would like to spawn, so wherever the fight is occurring that is where you will be spawned & good luck knowing where the enemy is shooting you from rite away after spawning.

2nd, this game was built around camping, like serious. The point of the game is to stay on one side of the map & shoot across the other, cause you cannot even take a step without getting fifty sniper bullets blazing at you & then you die & they will spawn kill you cause your base is now trapped DUE TO SMALL MAPS.

3rd, The damn game is still freezing sometimes.. didn't they fix this crap in the beta.. like wtf man..

4th.. This is nowhere in HELL A CALL OF DUTY KILLER, I'm sorry but as much as I hate MW2 this game is F***ing broken, & worst.

Check my previous post I'm not trolling, I was dedicated to this game.. hoping it would finally shut up those COD fans, but I was wrong & I apologize.

I was Hyping UP THIS GAME, so I'm not hating on it, this is from EXPERIENCE.

This game broke my heart & let me down very bad, & I have also lost a lot of respect for EA after this.. they just need to leave the FPS Genre to those true Dev's who are more Talented in that department.


jeseth3287d ago

Anyone who doesn't see these issues is one of the camping snipers or hasn't played the MP of this game.

Too bad because the SP was excellent!

gamer81793287d ago

I agree. I enjoy the Mp up untill today. I finally relize that all it is is sniping from both sides of the map. If you try and move around alittle, you instanly get killed. I started just camping and sniping myself. I hate playing like that. I'm more of a run and gun player myself. Games like these just make me relize why cod is the king. I might trade this in towards fallout new vegas.

blackbeld3287d ago


Thnx for your insight quick review. I am now convinced not to go buy MOH. I will go buy COD black-ops instead.

CyberCam3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I totally agree with you bro! I really was on EA/DICE's side and I really wanted this game to be good!

I've rage quite over 2 dozen times already because of spawning & getting killed (4 to 10 times in a row) before taking my first step.

It's hard to enjoy a game when you can't get into the game to actually PLAY it! Snipers are everywhere, but the main problem is the maps are way too small with too many choke points and snipers can see almost all the spawn points. As well as DICE's Frostbite engine, has a lot of lag issues!

The chat system is terrible, you can only group up with 3 other people, but you have 11 other players on your team??? Where's the logic in that? And, there's no communication in the lobby... WTF??? Lastly, you can't mute annoying people you do hear... again WTF???

BTW MAG_SVER, +bubbles up!

MAG_SVER3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It sucks man, the feeling it leaves you with.

It's like that date you set time for & tell all your friends how hot she is, but she doesn't show up...LOL

I also +bubbles you up too :)

Brixxer6003287d ago

I can handle snipers camping but the biggest problem for me is the spawn killing , i have lost count how many times in an objective based game that i've spawned right underneath a mortar strike, rocket barrage , or as i spwan there is an enemy right next to me who guns me down because i don't know he's there.

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