Gran Turismo 5 will have driver customization, Global Servers, 100 tracks and Online Track Generator

Thanks to the release of Press Information during an official event of Gran Turismo 5 in Taiwan, it has been released new information regarding the customization of the clothing of your driver and at the same time that Gran Turismo 5 will have Global Servers. Also new information regarding the total confirm number of tracks and online save of our tracks made by the track maker.


To not have any misunderstanding with the the title about the ONLINE TRACK GENERATOR it really means ONLINE COURSE MAKER.

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Cloudberry3286d ago

This the same as Course Maker, right?

arnoldocastillo20033286d ago

Yeah there was a confusing with the title but ONLIN TRACK GENERATOR means ONLINE COURSE MAKER

sinncross3286d ago

Driver customization?

That is cool but its lame that you apparently can never change the clothes... at least allow ppl to use collected credits though I guess ultimately you're hardly going to see what the driver is wearing anyways haha.

Not sure of global servers were announced before but cool feature for sure!

Cloudberry3286d ago

I think you could change clothes in Gran Turismo 5.

"We’ll be in the game, apparently, and be able to change the clothes. Really. Seriously."

arnoldocastillo20033286d ago

Yep it seems that you can choose different clothing and appareal for the driver

-Alpha3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

It'd be cool if you could customize your car skin via an editor. Don't really care about changing clothes in a racing game.

I've seen some nice created content in Forza, it'd be a pretty cool feature to have.

Since LBP2 got pushed back I think I'll be giving the game a try

Chaostar3286d ago

If it makes it before the end of the year then 2010 will have yet another Sony exclusive GOTY, at least in my eyes anyway.

arnoldocastillo20033286d ago

I think the same way you think hopefully it comes out before christmas

Pandemic3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Bleh, another translated website... Pop-ups ahoy.

strotee3286d ago

Might I advise changing browsers?

Pennywise3286d ago

What is a pop-up? I haven't seen one of those or advertisements in a long time.

arnoldocastillo20033286d ago

The website doesn´t has any pop-ups and its a legit Latin American Gaming Site, the biggest of the Latin American Gaming Community, so no it doesn´t has any pop-ups, you should check it out, it has some nice gaming news

arnoldocastillo20033286d ago

These News are some of the best i have heard in a long time and makes the painful wait of the game easier.