The Face of the PSP plays other consoles, who knew?

E4G: While watching some good old television, I stumbled across Marcus who is the spokesperson for Sony's PlayStation Portable.

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Chaostar3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

That image is creepy, kinda looks like he's being 'groomed' by that guy.

dkblackhawk503290d ago

I don't think the term groom is appropriate here. More like get out of my spot!

Cloudberry3290d ago

But look in front of Marcus.

A steering wheel & 360 controller.


And he's grabbing a gadget that looks like a Nintendo DS, or it is a Nintendo DS.


dkblackhawk503290d ago

Aww but I like looking at that I a gay?

Blacktric3290d ago

Yes. Yes you are. And you are also a pedo which doubles the creep factor.

MrMccormo3290d ago

Marcus is paid to be a spokesperson for PSP. He's an actor. So, naturally, if he's in a TV show and the TV has an advertising contract with another company, he will play those games.

Honestly, we don't even know if the actor playing Marcus actually plays PSP in real life.

I thought this sort of stuff was common knowledge.

muzikjunkie803290d ago

the guy sitting next to the lad is actor tracy morgan

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Hitman07693290d ago

Hahaha this is insane, I guess hes not a hardcore Sony fanboy after all. Perhaps some people just like Sony products and understand their appeal doesn't mean they are noobs who never played a nintendo or a micro guys. Sony haters take

HolyOrangeCows3290d ago

"I guess hes not a hardcore Sony fanboy"

.....because the people being paid to do advertisements are always hardcore fanatics about what they're advertising.

CovertGunman3290d ago

Haha, these Marcus commercials are pretty dang funny.

Gue13290d ago

On the photo I can see a DS, an X360 controller and a Wii-mote! But there' no PSP nor dualshock or MOVE!!! OMG, I have to kill myself.

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