RPG Watch - Arcania: Gothic 4 Review

A review most people expected to see, as the successor to Gothic 3 in the spirit of a classic RPG, would find ArcaniA to be a very disappointing release. It is a greatly simplified, linear story with few choices and limited replayability.

Much of the core of the Gothic series has been removed - Gothic 3 lovers will be especially disappointed. Classic RPGers (like me) will be very worried if this level of simplification is the new direction for all RPGs.

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mobijoker3293d ago

This was flying below my radar.I guess it will not be a bad deal

JsonHenry3293d ago

It was made for consoles, did anyone NOT think it was gonna be dumbed down? I am not slamming consoles, but everyone knows this is what happens to PC games (other than a few FPS titles) more often than not when co-developed for consoles.

I played the demo on the PC. And it is dumbed down, especially compared to Gothic 2, but the game itself is still a lot of fun and fighting is much improved.

No it isn't really Gothic 4 but it is a good game.

Bolts3293d ago

This game is Gothic if you dumbed it down and remove all the immersion that makes the franchise attractive. The world is no longer alive, instead of a living breathing world that you can watch and interact with the entire game has been simplified into a hack and slash theme park.

This new Gothic has no soul. Which isn't a big deal, since everyone will be playing Fallout Vegas, a game that isn't dumb down and soulless.

lucifon3293d ago

I'm enjoying it myself. I like both hardcore european RPG's and the lighter ones such as this. I guess it's all down to expectations. To me it's pretty similar to Risen, which I also enjoyed.