Nintendo "don't believe in online capabilities", state Broken Rules

GamerZines writes:

Felix Bohatsch, co-founder of indie developer Broken Rules, has revealed his thoughts on Nintendo and its online service during a recent interview, in which he stated that those in authority within the company "don't believe in the online capabilities" of the Wii.

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darkcharizard3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Monster Hunter 3 says hi!

WiiWare mostly sucks and could use improvement - agreed. Virtual Console rocks... Castlevania Rondo of Blood ftw!

Cratos87803285d ago

LOL Nintendo's online is a massive joke!

madjedi3285d ago

MH3 is made by capcom, using their own online system separate from the wii's, so how was this a positive for nintendo again?

Nintendo's online capabilities -_-, just copy live or psn problem solved, and wii owners will be thankful for it.

darkcharizard3285d ago

My comment is about online experiences on Wii. Wii has an excellent exclusive game, as long I get to play it, I don't care who developed it.

ps- and if you have Nintendo hate and Sony love, you're better off not telling me about it. Trust me.

bananlol3285d ago

People usually love other people, not corporations.

live2play3285d ago

nintendos priority is the **living room** experience
they are trying to fix this connectivity issue with the 3DS
i see nintendo really pushing online/wireless interaction with streetPass and spotPass

AWBrawler3285d ago

Yes, they seem to be starting a new strategy

ChickeyCantor3285d ago

I dont see why Nintendo is not giving the developers more freedom on this part.
They dont have to make their games online, but lots of developers would like to.

F-zero better have online....IT BETTER.

sloth33953285d ago

for F-zero to have online there can be no lag since its a fast paced game

Gue13285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

sorry, wrong comment.

Titanz3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Now that they know what they've learned now, I believe future iterations of their consoles and handhelds will benefit with better online services.

Why the disagree man?!

sloth33953285d ago

some people just disagree just because they want to no real reason

user8586213285d ago

if 3DS still has friend codes then nintendo already f*cked up

asyouburn3285d ago

whose idea was the "friend code" thing? they should fire that guy. likt thats the most user friendly thing he could come up with. . .

AWBrawler3285d ago

its nit picking, but i think they disagree, because DS came first

3285d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.