Hold.Start.Select - Arcania: Gothic 4 review

Gothic 4 just isn’t with the times. Nothing in this game from ‘go-to-woe’ is original and the lack of any depth to the game just isn’t on a par with what is out now or even what came out a few years ago.

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JsonHenry3288d ago

Damn, people are really slamming this game. :( I enjoyed the PC demo of it. But then again I guess even though I liked the demo I still have not bought the game.

asyouburn3288d ago

i liked the game over all, but it has to be the ugliest game ive ever seen on 360. again, not that big of a deal, just caught me off guard how crappy it looked. maybe ill hold out for ps3 version

Gambit073288d ago

I'm actually sorta enjoying Sacrd 2, is this better?

Elven63287d ago

They're really two different type of RPG's in a sense. I like the demo though but I played it on PC.

TABSF3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Got this on PC and it has to be the best looking RPG is years

I found it more fun than Oblivion which is almost impossible


n to the b3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

me too on the 360 demo and yes parts were great, better than oblivion! unfortunately, some issues will prevent my considering a purchase. looking at the graphics shows how some really great stuff gets pretty well destroyed by some awful bits.

graphics - EXCELLENT:
outdoor environments!*
my equipment trappings displayed in realtime

graphics - POOR to REALLY BAD:
indoor environments (multiple ugly, generic caves to wander thru)

*much better than oblivion I thought. sure they don't go for the insane amount of realtime 3d space that obliv had, thanks to some clever environmental design... but design trumps pure graphical draw distance anyway!

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