Modern Warfare 2 - Why It's 10/10

So it's coming up to November, which is traditionally becoming Call of Duty time. You're less than a month away from the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which means a lot of gossiping and chatter about how good it's going to be, what score it's going to get and so on. So now is the perfect time to go back to OXM's controversial score for Modern Warfare 2, right?

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TrevorPhillips3293d ago

You might want to change that 10/10 to a 1/10.

toaster3293d ago

10/10 from a 360 site, proof that these Xbox guys will bend over for anything.

NecrumSlavery3293d ago

MW2 is good. But only cause it feeds that genre. It's not a 10.

kaos_fish II3293d ago

Did you read the comments on that piece - whata bunch of suck ups - the game was/is broken. Shouldn't be - but it is.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3293d ago

A game reviewer who can't admit that they're wrong....shocking

ShinMaster3293d ago

Medal of Honor wasn't that great, but it's still more immersive and less "broken" than Modern Warfare 2.

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Snakefist303293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )


gamer81793293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

You do relize that mw2 is the most play game on the ps3, as well as 1 of its highest selling games.

Sounds to me that sony guys will bend over for anything. Especially for sony

-Alpha3293d ago

It is the top game on both consoles which is pretty ironic considering that it is pretty broken. It's still a fun experience with friends though, and I do occasionally play it with them. Far from a 10/10.

The story is pretty fun, though not as good as #4, and the co-op is a blast. It's unfortunate that people keep ignoring that. And the MP, despite its flaws, is still fun, though I really am done with it overall. I'd give it a 7.5-8.0/10 personally

outwar60103293d ago

the game was sooo buggy but so many of my friends are playing it which caused me buy and sell this game twice and now its sold im happy playing reach with medal of honour pending and enjoying the kill zone 3 beta(i love dropping that in anywhere lmao) :)

crzyjackbauer3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

all you n00bs just hate it because you all suck at it, you blame the game's perks like comando pro, or Sleight of Hand pro
you want to counter comando pro use a shotgun
you want to kill a sniper using Sleight of Hand pro, don’t run towards him you are going to keep getting killed
if a guy is camping and he kills you one or two times its acceptable but if he kills you more than 3 you are just asking for it
I camp and I like to see all the dumbass people who just run againts claymores over and over
its pathetic, if you suck at a game all of a sudden its a bad game

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ThatIrishGamer3293d ago

Cod is nothing but marathon lightweight commando tactical knife/ ump twats. Everyone else camps for killstreaks or uses noob tube and OMA. CALL OF DUTY IS A JOKE - INFINITY WARD ARE AWFUL.

badz1493293d ago

if you're 10 or simply RETARDED!

visualb3293d ago

if you need to justify it, its probably because you aren't secure with your own definition of its quality

MW2 IS NOT 10/10 material. Played COD4 a LOT (still do), played MW2. COD4 at most is a 9, MW2 is less than that.

I feel worried when people accept that MW2 is 10/10 =/ it was a broken, simplified, boring experience compared to its predecessors, when sequels usually do THE OPPOSITE.

zeddy3293d ago

say what you want, mw2 is value for money. defo not a 10/10 but i've hours into this game.

tacosRcool3292d ago

Stupid story.
Short campaign
unbalanced multiplayer (even though it was fun)
Nice graphics

That pretty much sums up MW2

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Lazy_Gamer3293d ago

It's a 10/10 only when it comes to noobishness and bull****! Aside from that it's medicore at best.

coolbeans3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

It's certainly going to get messy in here (it's a bit deserved though). I may not agree with his score, but I welcome someone who's willing to take that much time to back his reasoning up even though the review came out one year later.

The one problem I have is his plot reasoning. If you're actually going to back up MW2 for keeping an upbeat pace while sweeping Rainbow Six: Vegas' coherent story under the rug as 'bland', you need to get yourself checked. Not to say R6V's story is amazing, but he's going after it in means of keeping you grounded...when did keeping a player grounded in the plot ever become a bad thing?

AwesomeJizz3293d ago

My ass deserves a 10/10 as well.

Ares84PS33293d ago

If they made a longer story.
If they fixed all the problems with the MP and that list of problems is so large that I don't think will allow me to type as much here.

What got me stopped playing is that every match I went to I encounterd a cheater. But a cheater who doesn't hide that he is cheating. The fuckers just cheat outright and doesn't give a damn. Nukes all the time with 32 kills and 1death. GTFO

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