6.5 Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Review Kane & Lynch 2:Dog Days is a title that starts well and then get lost in itself.Does not reveal any creative idea,the story comes to life with a relentless pace now and then end up in the repetitive gameplay of shoot-and-run.Sure,some moments are very "pulp",as would say Quentin Tarantino,but not enough to meet the little 3 hours of play.Too little even for gameplay.The narrative is banal and mediocre.The camera however is the real star with his staggering,how dirty the video is damaged,return to the scene with shots from angles off balance and pixelated from prohibited to minors.The multiplayer experience instead is quite prepared,able to enjoy thanks to an assortment of challenges and supported by maps,taken from the streets of Shanghai.A title with good features,but stalled in the main story,it could be exciting like a movie and not only from the stylistic point of view.

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