Top 10 modestly covered boobs in games

PLAY likes a challenge, so decided to compile a top 10 list of ladies in games who don’t insist on jiggling their funbags in your face, even if they do have really nice ones. They’re a rare and valued breed in games, even if much of the fan art / hentai / modding crowd doesn’t seem to appreciate that one little bit…

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ironfist923293d ago

Covered so well, you don't know whether theyre a male or female.

HDgamer3293d ago

King and Samus takes that bait.

Ultraplayerxd3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I thought Leo was a dude for months before someone told me she was female XD

Fanb0y3293d ago

Nice lol to start off my day. Take a funny bubble, sir.

Denethor_II3293d ago

Sod it, I gonna whack one out and hope for the best on that one.

Scarfy3293d ago

No, not being a prude, but there is a difference between looking sexy and blatantly flaunting it.

Sometimes it's what you can't see that makes everything that much more appealing.

There is a mod for Half Life 2 which gives Alyx huge breasts as part of the updated texture and model pack, and it just looks pathetic.

Convas3293d ago

Exactly! Which is why one piece bathing suits on the right woman are so much sexier than a skimpy bikini.

A a genuinely sexy woman knows how to accentuate her curves and assets just enough to leave enough to the imagination. A tramp bears everything openly, which it seems a lot of game producers want in their games.

swat3293d ago

i don't want to come i want to play a game.

pixelsword3293d ago

You like a challenge, Play?

How 'bout making an article worth reading?

Urmomlol3293d ago

Now guys are seriously the worst gaming site on the planet.

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