New GT5 Trailer Screenshots

A new GT5 trailer has appeared along with some rather lovely screenshots.

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Richard Cypher3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Hopefully, just a few weeks to go.
Such a pain for the delay, but a few days more seems to be the price to be paid.

<S>Thanks to my hackers friends for your contribution to the gaming industry</S>

coolfool3288d ago

If that was the only price then it wouldn't be so bad but they are asking for £40 of my hard earned cash as well!!

TheLastGuardian3288d ago

A few days? More like another month if were lucky. This trailer hardly makes up for the delay. Now they're just teasing us. I love the songs in all the official GT5 trailers. The soundtrack of this game sounds amazing so far. Here's my favorite trailer with my favorite GT5 song.

SeanRL3288d ago

Ya, this was Sony's big holiday title. I hope they can get it out for Christmas.

PS360fanboy3288d ago

I'm with you mate, if they think this will make up for yet another delay they're so wrong...

skwidd3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

That sir, is the greatest GT trailer yet XD

I hope they use that music track for the game's opening.

swinesucker3288d ago

Seriously, you whining fanboys are annoying just stfu.

mcstorm3288d ago

Looks good but thats just a video not game play and we all know that GT game play never looks anywhere near as good as the Videos on any of its games.

Looking forward to this game though as I love racing games but F1 2010 is keeping me busy until GT5 is released.

40cal3288d ago

the whole second half of the video is game play, or at least from a replay video of some game play. I have been playing the demo for about 2 weeks now and the game looks that good.

mcstorm3288d ago

Even the replays of the games look better than the gameplay on on the GT games.

Im not saying GT games look bad far from it but all of them look worse than the videos shown before the game ect.

MaximusPrime3288d ago

i havent cancelled my preorder. Still want this game.

IMO: thanks goodness for a delay. now that i have time to play Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

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The story is too old to be commented.