Black Ops: New Single Player & Multiplayer Footage

Brand new Black Ops footage is out on Gametrailers. The footage reveals both single player and multiplayer gameplay.

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TrevorPhillips3295d ago

Cannot wait only 3 weeks :D

PRHB HYBRiiD3295d ago

i will be 1st in line at gamestop.

mittwaffen3295d ago

SP = Quality Vietnam game, wow!

I wasnt planning to get this...but man that whole GTTV video changed my mind. I might have to get it on PC, dem jungles will be perddy!


PS360fanboy3295d ago

Me neither! This one will be stunning!

mrv3213295d ago

A short single-player and a multiplayer based heavily on MW2.

I know I'm being negative but you guys ALL remember the same news and stories regarding MW2 so let's not just jump to the GOTY thing and then get disappointed by commando pro.

xAlmostPro3295d ago

i hear what your saying mrv321 but so far treyarch have been great about listening to fans and telling us they also hated those things we hated so much in mw2..

i mean for a start there is no commando ;)

mrv3213295d ago

You also have the gun that shoots knifes longer than commando pro... so yeah.

I'm not saying Blacks Ops with be bad, it won't be, I'm just saying just because the footage looks amazing and balanced doesn't mean the final game will be.

AllroundGamer3295d ago

but you can't shoot the knife 3-4x in a row, that's the difference and after you shoot it you are totally exposed since you have to switch to another weapon which takes some time.

GaMe013295d ago

Shooting knife is the same as a gun with bullets. Its not a special power that let you lunge at someone take a shotgun to the chest and still knife someone over and over again big difference

chilled2m3295d ago

Your right, we should be cautious regarding the overall final quality of the game. I was severely disappointed regarding MOH earlier this week. So you really never know what the final build is going to be like.

having said that, I have VERY high hopes for this game. It looks to be a true Call of Duty Game.

TrevorPhillips3295d ago

Who knows but, this game might promise us more then MW2 ever did.

dtrain213295d ago

I don't know about you guys but i'm impressed that Treyarch has stepped up their I might get it.

AllroundGamer3295d ago

wow looks really great and since i finished the MOH singleplayer yesterday (xbox360 version) i must say COD is playing in a completely different league (meaning MOH looks like $hit...)

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The story is too old to be commented.