360 Magazine: Top 5 Buttons On The 360 Pad

360 Magazine: The votes are in, the envelope’s right here, and we’re all ready to announce the nation’s favourite Xbox 360 pad buttons...

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fastrez3293d ago

It's called satire people. It's clearly a joke article. Lighten up, it's almost the weekend after all.

darkcharizard3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

1. Lame
2. Spam
3. Other - Garbage.


Dailynch3293d ago

Exactly what i was thinking. I'm practically in the pub, what's wrong with a bit of a giggle on Friday?

CandyCaptain3293d ago

W/O reading I assume it's the 2 triggers ummmm the live button and start and select <.<' can't be joy sticks cause even though they have button functions doesn't mean they are with that I check the article to see if I was right......(side note while it's loading, I can't freaking believe this is considered news)......I go in and see they have have made R3 and L3 the top bottons <.<'(wow was I off) and I didn't even consider the fact anyone would actually like a direction on the d-pad '>.>(Prediction ability failed me T.T)

CandyCaptain3293d ago

How can one person report the same article so many times <.<' honestly take it easy man lol darkcharizard is on a rampage(his trainer must not have enough badges to keep him in check <.<')

Lazy_Gamer3293d ago

This must be a joke. Next will be top 10 buttons for the keyboard.

guitarded773293d ago

1. Ctrl
2. Alt
3. Delete
4. <
5. >
6. F12
7. Tab
8. Shift
9. Space Bar

MAG_SVER3293d ago

Then they will have Top Ten I/O on console.. like wtf is this crap.

If you don't know I/O, means Input/Output.

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The story is too old to be commented.