PS3/Xbox 360 size comparisons

Yet another 360/PS3 comparison, but this time its not a comparison of specs. but rather the size.

Click the link to see just how big the PS3 really is compared to the Xbox 360....

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Jay da 2KBalla5387d ago

Damn the ps3 is big ass hell and ugly ass hell and it ways 11 lbs. damn

DC RID3R5387d ago

who designed that then!?!?!!?

I thought it was supposed to be a playstation, not a spacestation!!!!


Silent5387d ago

With its advance technology it should called something out of this world, like....SPACE STATION

Shadow Flare5387d ago

my opinion:

although the ps3 is the same size as the original xbox, i think it looks alot nicer. I like the curved stylings of the ps3. It took a bit more design thought in it, then just designing a big, black box with an 'X' on top of it. And then giving it an almost circular controller. The original xbox was a freakin geometric nightmare

ACE5387d ago

but the ps3 looks BIG AND UGLY TOO LOL...

it will be interesting how the japs take it hmmmm cos they said some thing like oh we didnt buy the xbox cos its huge lol look at the ps3 fuk its big and ugly ,,,

the japs r racist ne way , they dont by west end off

TheXgamerLive5387d ago (Edited 5387d ago )

It's friggin uglier than anything I could of cooked up in a bad dream.
Even with it's "so" called good inner workings, it's a piece of crap, I cant wait for it to come out and people will then see how bad and slow it's bottlenecking makes it. This is gonna be so classic!!!!

specialguest5387d ago (Edited 5387d ago )

Lol, that image used for this article has got to be one of the funniest, next to the PS3 being used a Forman-like grill. hahaha i almost laughed out loud at work. who comes up with these ideas anyway?

ok back to the subject. yes that PS3 is huge! if bigger casing means better air circulation and less overheating, then it's no big deal to me.

i read somewhere that because of it's huge size, weight, and curves, it can actually with stand a category 3 hurricane. its curved styling allows wind to flow through smoothly.

Marriot VP5387d ago

it'll be the biggest thing to hit new orleans since mardi gras

Thugbot1875387d ago

"PS3 being used a Forman-like grill" LOL that says it all because it does look like my Forman Grill just needs to be silver and be stamped by George. But on an honest note you are going to need your own shelf for it because nothing can stack on top of it and it looks odd stacked on anything else.

JIN KAZAMA5387d ago

But i dont care if its bigger than the 360. It has more stuff in it. It looks slick though. Remember, its a console, not a protable machine. So it all good.

Eternal E 8085387d ago

what PS fans said last-gen.Truth

Shadow Flare5387d ago

yeah but like i said before,

the ps3 is big, but looks stylish
the xbox was big, and it was a black box. About the least stylish thing in the world. And then the original xbox controller. Cough, a big circle, with an 'X' icon that took up a 1/3 of the controller

At least sony's always made good looking products, even if it is big. And yes, it does more things then the 360