Analyst says Halo: Reach debut month sales were disappointing in US

Analyst, Doug Creutz from Cowan & Company believes game releases in the US have not met sales expectations in September, which includes the massive Microsoft hit – Halo: Reach.

Creutz says Halo: Reach managed 3.3 million units during the month going on the latest NPD figures, which was well below Cowan’s estimate of 3.75 million, totalling around a 450k shortfall.

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ImpartialMan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

it did not sell as well as they expected but still sold very well.

has nothing to do with PS3 fanboys. lol. you guys are ridiculous.

and you say this site is full of ps3 fanboys. i see otherwise.

believe it or not. sales living up to expectation is important in stock market.

handheldwars3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Big whoop!

ImpartialMan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

uhhhh... yes it is BIG WHOOP actually. more than this fanboyism bs.

stocks were bought according to the sales expectation prior to the NPD sales report.

meaning that stock price was slightly inflated and thats bad news for the stock..

again, there is more to this than this bs fanboyism. getting pissed at the analysts for their analysis is just plain retarded. and thinking that somehow fanboyism was involved in their analysis is more retarded

vhero3288d ago

No doubt people selling pennys for black ops and its MS own fault for announcing that exclusive "timed" content

gamingdroid3288d ago

It is a little disappointing it didn't do better, but that by no means doesn't mean Halo: Reach didn't do well. How many games even sell 3.3 million during it's lifetime, let alone the first month?

I think the gaming industry is in decline! The things that normally would prop it up is a new console cycle, instead we got PS Move and Kinect. Let's see what they can do.

SixZeroFour3288d ago

let alone that first "month" was really only 2 weeks

r0gueZA3288d ago

lol, my thoughts exactly.
I bet MS aren't upset at all.

r0gueZA3288d ago

The Analyst as stated in the article are Doug Creutz from Cowan & Company
and the report as stated in the article is based on NPD reports which are all over the net.

dtrain213288d ago

So I guess all the other games that came out this year is a sales disaster

Moentjers3288d ago

So I guess you aren't familiar with ROI

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The story is too old to be commented.