Rockstar Games Announces New Details for Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare

Features all new single-player storyline and multiplayer content

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MrMccormo3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

And isn't this only $10?

Goodness, thank you Rockstar. Seriously. Other devs milk milk milk but here you're giving us so much content for such a low price.

My only question is will the content on the stand-alone disc (that's right, the disc does not require RDR to play) be compatible if you DO own RDR?

BlackTar1873286d ago

if there will be coop mode?

Black_McGrath3286d ago

Yes there is. The fifth paragraph explains what the MP is about

Kingdom Come3286d ago

The others weren't as appealing. But this... *Applaudes Rockstar*

Stealth20k3286d ago

Make a new game.......

double diping with a dlc disc is low

toaster3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Rockstar pulled this shit with GTA IV too. Looks like Take-Two is getting greedy..

HellsJanitor3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Explain how this is a bad thing? I have a 20GB HDD. I much prefer disc based. Having a disc is the only way they will sell the add ons to some people. I'm kind of pissed Borderlands GOTY makes you install the DLC even though it is probably a size limit issue.

Stealth20k3286d ago

Its badbecause they are milking people without making new games

rockstar had over 10 games in the ps2

now they have only done 2 really on the next gen consoles in 6 years?

Come on

They are lazy and just milking money with dlc, goty editions....hell gta iv has one now its insane

NecrumSlavery3286d ago

Borderlands is DLC only on 360. Streams all from bluray on PS3.

HellsJanitor3286d ago

Like I said, some people want this stuff. You're bitching and moaning but other people are really excited for it. Lots of people hold out these days because they know DLC will be coming out and they want everything at once. R* is giving those people just what they want. Deal with it or stop buying R*'s products.


I would rather have R* double dipping, over some of the dev's who produce new games that are nothing but generic copy crap off other games anyway.

the simple truth is the quality and content of R* DLC puts most full games to shame.

I know people had issues with GTA4, but Both DLC packs were just as much fun and had just as much content as most full length games.

We already know R* have a few other games they are working on and they have been good at taking their time and delivering great games.

IMChampion3286d ago

Wow, the survival mode sounds awesome! Can't wait =D

criticalkare3286d ago

zombie survival mode sound awesome! indeed :)

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