Rumour: GameStation Reward Card to Tie in with Your PSN Trophies?

M2G Writes:

Extremely large pinch of salt time, but we were told today that in the near future, GameStation’s recently released reward card could well be tied up to your PSN trophies.

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Apollyn3289d ago

If its gna happened Game will have it first and we haven't heard anything about it. So I very much doubt it

FAGOL3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I would hope online retailers like amazon or would do it instead.

Viper73289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Isn't Gamestation also a online retailer? I have ordered/imported many games trough their site. They also have better support for credit cards than Not to mention the problems with their Euro prices.

Yes they have stores too, but never been in one as there are none in my country. But so far one of the best online stores in UK that I have tested. (Game prices in UK are like half of what they charge in here)

FAGOL3289d ago

The problem with gamestation is that they are good at selling pre owned games at a low price. However new games are always at full rrp. Gamestation from my experiance does'nt offer any pre order exclusives or compete for online prices like and amazon. I would'nt mind if gamestation do this but there are more retailers out their which offer more.

blackblades3288d ago

I agree amazon is the best online retailer for, & I also rather have sony to be 100% with it.

NitrousX3289d ago

Does Gamestation have their own reward card I thought Game just had one. If this is true it would be more of a incentive to try to collect all trophies for each game.

Disccordia3289d ago

Gamestation have just launched a reward card and no, it's not interchangeable with the Game reward card which is annoying.

Good idea though.

Apollyn3289d ago

would be cool as there the same bloody company