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BeefJack: "The basis for something good is here, sparkling with hidden promise, and it’ll be interesting to see where this one goes. But I can’t help but feel that the best way for Square Enix to approach such improvements would be to accept that they’ve made some grave errors of judgement, and redesign many of the front-end mechanics from scratch."

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timmyrulz3290d ago

I'm glad this game has bombed, I cant understand the concept of having to pay a monthly subscription fee for a game that has already cost £40.00 no matter how good the game is

Caffo013290d ago

u said it right..YOU CANT!!lot of ppl can understand it.

dkblackhawk503290d ago

People dont understand how to review a mmo rpg. You have to play the game for more than two weeks....

Letros3289d ago

Sounds like you're desperate for an MMO, check out PC, there's a lot of them and top of the genre.

Biggest3289d ago

WTF? I'm not sure if you missed the memo. . .

FFXIV is only available on the PC right now. If he has FFXIV or cares about FFXIV in its current state, he has a PC and knows about the other MMOs.

ThanatosDMC3289d ago

It's been out for more than two weeks... more like two months if you bought the $79.99 version.

Spenok3288d ago

i hate to be the bearer of bad news to you man. But FFXIV came out on Sept 16 for the collecters addition, and the 22 for the regular. So seeing as how it is 1:36am on the 17th of October. How exactly is that 2 months? Seems more like 1 to me.

ThanatosDMC3285d ago

I cant count. I apologize. Does beta count?

Caffo013290d ago

u'll cry for it when the flaws will be fixed..

Blaster_Master3289d ago

I wanna see a review from someone who played FF11 and see what they think about this game. I dont know if I can trust what anyone who only plays shooters and shovel ware thinks about a MMO.

Biggest3289d ago

The FFXI players hate FFXIV the most. They changed so much of what made XI what it was/is. Simple things like the slow UI, lack of search function, retarded target function, and no auction house (the big issue to me) piss people off. That being said. . . I wasn't in the first 8 months of XI (neither was anyone else outside of Japan) and missed all of the "WTFTHISGAMESUCKS" with XI. Knowing that, and seeing all of the extra content that is still locked, makes me say these reviews are a waste of time. They do this every time a big MMO is released and then have a "Going Back to <Insertgameworldhere>&qu ot; article every six months that is hidden behind a Call of Duty: Zombie Germany World War in Afganistan advertisement, in which they explain that all of the problems they had were addressed and made into strengths. It happened with Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and FFXI. I personally like the game though I have multiple issues with it. If the issues I have aren't addressed before the PS3 version hits, I won't continue playing. As it is now, I enjoy the time sink (which is all a MMO is).

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The story is too old to be commented.