Gran Turismo 5 Delay Will Be "A Short One"

Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed. But according to Sony, not for long.

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stonecold33289d ago

its out either late november or around late december before xmas time

Bereaver3289d ago

Why would you hope for a delay that long?

I hope it's out mid November at latest.

I mean, I can wait, but I can always hope for earlier right?

Cloudberry3289d ago

It says that the new release date is 26th November.

But we still don't know if it's for the North American / Europe date.

Unfortunately, the article I've read is vanished for Duplicate.

Let's just wait for the official announcement.

NecrumSlavery3288d ago

If the XMB hack rumour is true, itll be delayed a week max. Just so they can release a patch to force the PS3 to update to 3.50

no biggie, i get the battle agaisnt the dick pirates, but GT5 is so damn huge, I cant see someone running all 50gigs straight from a hdd. man, that would have to get so hot.

HolyOrangeCows3288d ago

It's production was off by 3 days. I'll bet the delay is a mere week.

dirtydbz3288d ago

I wish it was only a week but let's remember kinect and black ops will now take some thunder if released within the same week as those two I see a 3 week diffrence now just to let kinect and black op's cool off
( unless sony grows a pair and decides it wants to drop on the same day as black ops)

Rush3288d ago

Coming from a game that's been delayed for 2 years I find the title humorous.

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BrutallyBlunt3288d ago

Hope so, this is getting ridiculous. Once the game ships, if ever, most of us will soon forget about all of the delays and be absorbed into this game for months if not years.

visualb3288d ago

mid-3/4 november max

I could be wrong, but I don't see them missing a whole MONTH because of 3 days delay, remember this is to do with the blu-ray production process -> 1 week/2 weeks

so :

a) this year definitely
b) november likely
c) 1 week over the deadline possibly

I could be wrong on all these points, but I can't imagine WHY it'd be pushed onto december, or even less to 2011?!

Ilikegames763289d ago

for the CE edition is gone. I wonder when will it be available.

UltimateIdiot9113288d ago

I hope never again. =]

Because honestly, I'm tired of this bullshit of limited edition not being limited.

But if you want the CE, Best Buy still have them.

Lazy_Gamer3288d ago

I think it's just for final polishing and detailing the rough edges and dealing with a few issues from the advanced tech bits. No need to worry. The games should be 99% finished now if not 100%.

stevenhiggster3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

There was an interview with Yamauchi San on GTplanet, and he says they're finished with the game and that this delay was Sony's decision not his and he apologised to us all.

PirateThom3288d ago

There's also been reports of missing the deadline by three days and wanting to update the SDK for encryption.

I wouldn't take anything as "fact", remember they were "finished" at the start of the year and "could release any time".

stevenhiggster3288d ago

Actually Thom, I think you'll find they were "finished and could release any time" at E3 '09! So yes I agree with you that their excuses can't be trusted lol

Brixxer6003288d ago

I can't wait for this game and the delay news was a massive disappointment at the time but 48 hours later it's not so bad , as long as it is a short delay , i have the CE pre-ordered.

gamingisnotacrime3288d ago

i will buy fallout nv instead, then get gt5 later used. one thing is a delay due to fixing bugs, but a delay based on a board meeting. pisses me off

PirateThom3288d ago

It wasn't based on a board meeting, the board meeting only decided if they could meet demand, nothing more.

Polyphony Digital missed their production deadline by three days.

Sony do all their Blu-ray disc printing themselves as well as others, movies and games.

If they interupted a print line to re-fit in GT5, there would be backlash down the line from other companies paying for movies and games to be produced.

It can't be done like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.