Analyst: September PS3 And Wii Sales See Double-Digit Declines

Gamasutra: As NPD Group tightened the lid on hardware sales figures, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter offered up some of the missing data in a post-NPD research note on Friday.

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ezcex3287d ago

Halo coupled with the release of KINECT soon will only spell the downfall of the Delaystation 3

Mamajuana3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

I never knew that selling close to 40 million consoles total worldwide spells out the downfall of a console. You have to remember that sales of consoles fluctuate, and this percentage is being compared to the PS3 sales of last September, when there was a $100 dollar price drop and a new model out.

According to your logic this is the downfall of the Nintendo DS as well, even though they sold 100 plus million units worldwide.

gunnerforlife3287d ago

sounds like your in dreamland!!! if i remember correctly you lot were saying the same thing about halo3 and reach and how it was going to destroy ps3!!

OGharryjoysticks3287d ago

The new system is driving the sales. Unfortunately, everyone with an older model is forced to buy a new one as well, either out of need or peer pressure of not having the better version. And I totally expect every single older model owner to buy the new one's just a matter of time. However these sales are funny numbers because they don't acurately represent the install base since most of them were already customers. Basically I'm certain that even though Sony's sale numbers may be less, they actually increase the install base more

gunnerforlife3287d ago

maybe compared to last year! but compared to last month aint the Ps3 up overall?
and it looks like Reach didnt have any effect on ps3 sails at all, wonder if the same is gone be with GT5

ReBurn3287d ago

Well, there are the numbers. Life didn't end.