Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 – Review (PlayStation Future)

From the review:

"The gameplay in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is unlike almost any other fighting game of this current generation. Not only is the fighting performed in a full 3D plane (not simply sidestepping but full on running in 360 degrees) but the bulk of the Story Mode gameplay actually takes place in free-roam around Hidden Leaf Village and the surrounding areas. Unlike the cumbersome ‘Campaign’ mode of Tekken 6, the Story Mode in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 never feels simply tacked on, and is actually the game’s greatest asset. Although this is a ‘fighting game’, in reality it is more like an adventure game interspersed with 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 combat."

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rdgneoz33288d ago

Nice review, can't wait to pick it up with FO:NV this Tues. Still wish it had the free-roam of the first game though.

Karlnag33288d ago

That's what I was thinking when I was playing it earlier but it does look really nice. Plus there's tons of characters so all in all I guess it's a decent trade off.

Redempteur3288d ago

this review is full of explanations on the naruto universe and characters ..nice thought but a quick explanation like that isn't exactly usefull

despair3288d ago

hmm another 9, we'll see what the big sites give it, not that I care as I'm getting it regardless.

NoBias3288d ago

Is it sad that I'm a hardcore gamer and this game is easily my most anticipated title of 2010?

despair3288d ago

nah not sad, its actually a pretty good fighting/adventure game, at least from what I've seen and from the first one. Some of the best graphics ever and the best anime style graphics in any game, plus full online and a sizable SP length with over 40 playable characters. I think you're safe on the hardcore game front.

tacosRcool3288d ago

Better than the ign review

ABizzel13287d ago

Of course that's because IGN had some prick who doesn't watch the anime, or even worse someone who doesn't play fighting games review it. WTF.

karl3288d ago

this game looks so amazing.. being an only manga reader.. this will be tons better than watching the uberfilled fillers anime... '

cant wait... to get it

Optical_Matrix3288d ago

And it deserves it. Call me bias maybe as I'm huge NARUTO fan but, the game is definitely the best anime based game out there. So much effort has been put into it and there seems to be so much to do. Definitely better than the first one. As expected it becomes a bit frustrating when online as the fighting is clearly quite broken. People will pick Sage mode or Kyuubi Naruto and demolish your health with like 3 jutsu XD. But it's fun. Brilliant game. I'm currently just into the first arc, Rescue the Kazekage.

rdgneoz33288d ago

Curious if the online part lets you change settings so you can't start in the awakened state for the characters.

ABizzel13287d ago

@ Optical_Matrix

I beg to differ. This is definitely a front runner for best anime game, but DBZ Budokai 3 leads the pack IMO. I think this game may be a close second, but I have to play it be4 I can judge that.

As a matter of fact I just bought DBZ Budokai 3 again for my PS3, and it rekindled my love and memories for that game.

It has an RPG-like system where you can build up each characters attributes such as Health = HP, Ki = MP, Attack = ATK damage, Guard = DEF damage, Arts = Energy blast damage, Ability = Item effectiveness, and COM = reduces computer control over you character and makes that character's difficulty increase when controlled by the computer.

That system alone puts it over the majority of fighting games, and well above 99% of the anime fighting games that have come out.

The fighting is fun, easy to learn hard to master, fast paced action. You can dodge attack, teleport behind enemies, fly (for some reason it's really slow), and do so much in this game.

They need to combine Budokai 3 with the PSP versions and make a new PS3/360 version that would be the best anime game of all time. Oh and add a create a character mode. I never understood that they know fans want to make their own character so let them. All you have to do is add the resources used to make the actual character available for the create a character.

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