New Xbox 360 Slim, Forza 3 + Alan Wake Bundle announced

GM writes : Microsoft has announced the arrival of a new bundle for Xbox 360 Slim ( 250 GB ). Available with all leading retailers from October 15, it will be priced at 249 €.

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ingiomar3289d ago

Dude he just said Hi -.-

OT: Really nice Bundle!

Redrum0593289d ago


best comment on N4G ever made ;)

Defective Bot3289d ago

Hi, don't mind me, I'll just continue to beat my meat here. :)

dragunrising3289d ago


Did anyone catch the detail that Alan Wake is included as a download voucher?

Personally, I've been interested in Alan Wake coming to Games on Demand. Hopefully, for less than the $40 it commands at retail.

lelo2play3289d ago

Hi you too.

BTW... this is a great bundle.

vhero3289d ago

MS desperate to get numbers of these 2 games up especially Forza with GT coming out.. It's been with plenty of bundles before..

PRHB HYBRiiD3289d ago


Moentjers3289d ago


You know the restaurant at the end of the universe ?

GT5 is sitting at a table.

PRHB HYBRiiD3289d ago

Lol ok gt5 is a huge game its going to sell millions in the first week and will be considered the best racing game ever on a home console....but theres waaaaaay to much hype for this game idk if im just not that much into racing games (sim) ....if sony announces tourist trophy 2 now THAT would make me horny.

lelo2play3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Do you realize that Sony releases bundles with practicably all their exclusives... and even non exclusives. How many bundles have we seen with the PS3, PS2 and PSP.

hoops3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

LOL...Gee....a comment from vhero we all would expect...
btw vhero. Sony does the same exact marketing technique....
How many Uncharted bundles were there? LBP bundles? KZ2 and MGS4 together bundle?

And MS does bundle 3rd party games with its systems.

So please stop trolling. You make it too obvious you are a Sony fanboy

Moentjers3289d ago


come on, for once, can't we hype at least one decent PS3-game ?

anyway, your're right: I'm just hoping for an arcaderacer like burnout revenge with vs ! Would make my girlfriend so happy because she always hopes she can beat me at it.

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despair3289d ago

that's a pretty good bundle

OmarsAccount3289d ago

Very nice. :]
Hopefull Alan Wake will be more publicized and well known, so that more people can know about this gem

visualb3289d ago

one of the best bundles I've seen for 360, but thats because asides from Gears Forza and AW are two main titles im interested in for 360

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CandyCaptain3289d ago

I would like it more if it had Halo Reach and a time machine for Gears or War 3 ^.^

cyborg3289d ago

market, as for a time-machine for gears 3, you will need to make it :)

Lovable3289d ago

Or use the old fashion way...freeze yourself

N4PS3G3289d ago

Poor Alan will finally get to the 1 million copies it deserves after the atrocious 0 marketing it got.

hudsoniscool3289d ago

with some proper marketing allen wake could be at like 2 million copies sold right now instead of what 600-700k

vhero3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Sorry it got tons of marketing quit with the crap. It got just as much as any other MS game other than Halo the problem is it wasn't your typical shooter where you run around blasting things and that's why it sold bad on 360. I remember plenty of ads on TV for it in the UK.

Sez 3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Did it really get just as much marketing as every other 360 game. Cause I know I didn't see any commercials for it or any ads. The only posters I saw for it was at gamestop and that was by my job. MS didn't market the game as they should have and their release window sucked. Which was the reason not many people heard or knew about the game. So plz stop with your BS vhero

hoops3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

vhero. Stop. We all know you HATE MS and anything they do but really dude. Are you 12 years old? Are you pissed that MS advertises more and has more capital than Sony will every have?
What crawled up your arse and died twice?

hoops3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

And Alan Wake did not get the same type of marketing. Here in Canada it recieved barely a mention. I rarely saw ads for it in gaming shops let alone on TV or in mags.
Give it a rest cry too much

OSIRUSSS3289d ago

Where is the Too human bundle?

Lou Ferrigno3289d ago

HAHA nice one yo,that was hilarious lol..

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The story is too old to be commented.