Valve: no plans for Steam trade-ins

EG : Valve has refuted an analyst's claim that its Steam platform would soon start offering a game trade-in service.

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Pandamobile3294d ago

Guess Pachter was just spouting off his typical bullshit. How predictable.

BakedGoods3294d ago

No one believe Patcher. He's incredibly out of touch.

Although a trade-in option would be amazing, since 'used' games wouldn't be sold the developers would still make money.

Hideo_Kojima3293d ago

Its a stupid idea.
So I could buy an offline game off steam.
Install it on my PC.
Than log in from another PC do the trade in and live my first PC which has the game installed offline.

That means I could play any offline game even though I traded it in and I would only ever need to pay the full price when I want to play online.

ATi_Elite3293d ago

This used game trade in crap is getting crazy.

Activision and EA have declared war on Game Stop but now Best Buy is doing the Used Game 2 step as well albeit under the crafty hand of Kotick and EA to crush Game Stop.

@Guntrol: explained it very so well how DUMB this idea is. Besides with Valve having $5.99, $3.99, and $2.99 game sales, why even bother with a trade in even if it was possible.

Patcher = Douche of the Day Award winner.

codyodiodi3294d ago

Valve could make a killing from trade-in license deals. They could give you 50% of your money back for the game to go towards a new one. It's more than you'd get from a place like GameStop and it still screws you over enough that it'd be worth there time to implement.

AssassinHD3294d ago

How exactly would they make a killing from that? What do they get in return for that 50% credit? GameStop deals in physical products, so they get something in return for the credit they give you. They get a product that they can sell for a profit. Valve deals with digital products. They don't exactly have a shortage of executables.


Go away with your facts and logic. We don't want you here. In fact, I'm gonna disagree with you.

Psychotica3294d ago

I wish, I got tons of games I would trade in...

Akagi3294d ago

Uhm, how would this work? You have a game on Steam, trade it in, then what? What does Steam do with that game?

Letros3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

They would remove it from your account, add the game to someone who purchased it, then probably give them a new CD Key.

This actually was an original idea from Impulse.

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The story is too old to be commented.