Dragon Age 2 | Bioware Signature Edition packshots revealed

The Dragon Age II Signature Edition was announced yesterday via Bioware’s official Dragon Age Facebook Page. Some of that content includes the following, and the packshots have been revealed [below] :

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toaster3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I wonder how much of the game is actually on the disk.

Don't want to get gimped like with the first DA, 50% of the game and the rest is DLC, pfft.

Dread3698d ago

very good question!

Dragon Age 1, was a fantastic game, but I hated that they made you pay for stuff that was already included in the game. Shameful. But I think this is EA's fault. I wont be surprised if they pull this bull again.

jakethesnake3698d ago

Just wait for the GOTY edition. It requires a lot of self control, but I'm not paying $50 bucks for half the game. I haven't even picked up DA:O for that very reason. Call me cheap all you want, but I'm willing to wait so that I don't get ripped off!

Dread3698d ago


ur right

Ill try, but i might give in half way... lol

jakethesnake3698d ago

It takes a lot of self control. I know I should also do it for New Vegas, but I'll be lucky if I have the self control to last a week on that one!

stuntman_mike3698d ago

you're a cheapskate lol. but good on ya.

Drummerdude413698d ago

I dont think anyone noticed this but there is an extra silhouette of a person on the ps3 version....

Syaz13698d ago

PS3 version is teh best!!!

xbox 360 inability to render extra one person!!!


Qui-Gon Jim3698d ago

The PS3 version had a slightly wider view on the cover art. This obviously makes the PS3 version superior. As much as most other cross-platform comparisons at least.

asyouburn3698d ago

its bioware so im sure i wont be dissapointed, but im not sure i like the new combat system. . .

stuntman_mike3698d ago

its either this or the witcher 2 at the moment, but im leaning towards the witcher 2.

DarkBlood3698d ago

to those who are waiting like i am if u want to play the game that badly why not just rent it, thats what i may do unless im busy with the other massive releases coming that month

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