Game Sales Or Game Quality, Which Determines A Console War Victory? Backlash Episode 6

This episode of BACKLASH we discuss the gamers meaning of a console victory. We have game sales, game quality, console features, all things that make a console great.

This podcast goes very deep into what's real in the industry in terms of true success. So stay tuned and enjoy the show

Short Preview Discussion Of Medal Of Honor And The Journalist Hate On The Game

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rebirthofcaos3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

just for the title. I would like to say game quality. I dont play games with the sales, just the companies do that.

Lou-Cipher3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Quality always wins over sales. (As long as you are a gamer, and not an investor)

PS2 won last generation because it was the console with the highest quality of gaming.

Sales have nothing to do with console wars, it is the combination between games/hardware/online features

Movie/Music Album of the year isn't based on sales, it is based on awards and accolades. A product will always be measured by its quality, not its sales.

The people that own the worst console will always claim victory using sells numbers, but the true gamers will always go based on the overall quality of a system.

At the end of the day, whoever has the highest quality games to play, Wins.

Applegate3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

The highest quality games for me are on the 360 IMO.

So happy to see sales confirm what me and a lot of other people think.

edit: Oh and I'm not saying that sales = quality but when you're losing or in last place of course sales dont matter. Thats why a lot of people in here claim that sales are useless when its NPD time but sure are excited when the Japan sales charts are out if you know what I mean :)

asyouburn3288d ago

in twenty years, when your 360 is two or three generations back, and you sit and look at your collection, only the games that DIDNT sell well will appreciate in value, whereas copies of halo reach will be worthless due to there being 7 zillion copies in the wild, and you can sit around and say, "remember when COD Black ops sold all those copies on 360?" and all the kids will say, "No."

Redrum0593288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

you should realy STFU, for a second there i was thinking that you were GeneralMLD.
because that's who you sound like.
sales or not, games like LBP and Uncharted2 won many awards and GOTYs
kids dont buy gaming magazines nor do they visit gaming websites, they buy what they see advertised on tv and whats on justinbeiber musicvideos. which is where the halo numbers come from.
idk about other gamestops but at the MOH launch, "adult" men where waiting in line to trade in their haloreach copies for MOH copies.

if sales do equal quality, then its a shame that games like ME2 didnt get much sales from the 360camp.

NecrumSlavery3288d ago

Quality trumps sales, but if the game flops, getting sequel is harder to do. Even if I was the only one who bought Heavy Rain, I'd consider it a win since it has been the most unique and creative game i have played all year..

The sad fact is when it comes to the handful of quality 360 games, they sell Mass Effect and Alan Wake. 360 gamers need to support the non-shooters.

360's top sellers hit 5mil, except Halo 3(thanks to the bundle)hitting 8 million.

But the Majority of all PS3 exclusives range from 2-4million. Of course when it comes to the 85% of gamers on both PS3/360 who dont buy the AAA titles,, one would wonder...what the hell are they buying? Are there really 37 million 360 owners that own a system but never played gears, fable, mass effect or halo? Or 30 million PS3 owners who never played Uncharted, LBP, Killzone 2, GOW3, or inFAMOUS? Are they al playing Rock Band, COD, or Lego Harry Potter? I just dont get it.

HammockGames3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

When I'm immersed in a game the last thing I'm thinking about is how many other people bought it.

If a company makes a great game and then turns a huge profit, that's great from a gamer standpoint since it means we'll probably see more from that dev/publisher.

But otherwise, sales are more a corporate/stockholder/investor concern (not to mention flammunition for fanboys to rant about).

zimain3288d ago

Applegate gave his opinion and did not flame anyone simply because he doesn't agree with you doesn't mean he is anyless wrong

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bustamove3288d ago

I agree with quality as well. I don't play sales. I play games, period. If I wanted to play sales, I'll be a stock analyst.

MiloGarret3288d ago

Huh? This is a business, victory in businesses is determined by who makes the more money and/or provides most value for their shareholders. Period. There is nothing to discuss.

asyouburn3288d ago

on our end its called "entertainment". like do you care if paramount pictures stock is above 20th century fox's stock at the end of the day? hell no. you just enjoy good movies. thinking of it like that takes all the fun away from games

Redrum0593288d ago

werent there articles here on N4G saying that stock holders wanted MS to back out of gaming?
yeah great victory there huh.

i never thaught that i would come across fanboys that can only enjoy a game if it sold around 8million.

MiloGarret3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Man, the stupidity of n4g users never ceases to amaze.

And who the fuck said I only enjoy a game if it sells 8 millions? I guess that's why my favourite game EVER, is Demon's Souls? Yeah, that makes sense.

It's a business, the winners are the ones who achieve the highest amount of sales, market share, and profit. That's it, it's non-debatable. Ps2 raped last gen, Wii is dominating this one. Get over it.

DigitalAnalog3288d ago

I think we're talking about 2 different console wars. One for sales, the other for games. Clearly, I own no stocks in any of the gaming companies. That puts me in the "latter" category.

-End statement

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otherZinc3288d ago

He doesn't know wtf "quality" represents.

"Quality" will determine the life of any product.

There are no non-"quality" products making a dent in sales on its 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th iterations; repeat sales represents a "QUALITY" product in any form of business.

Business is different from being a "journalist", HipHop. You must earn a business degree! You just cant "claim" you're the #1 business analyst without an education in Business!

Learn "Quality", before you talk quality, then you'll understand a quality product after its 2nd, 3rd or 4th etc. etc... successful sales iterations.

Now take Business 101 & learn some concepts!

Biggest3288d ago

He claimed to be the #1 video game journalist? Did he even claim to be a journalist? I only ever see "vidicles" with his name on it. It seems like you're kinda sad that he is doing his thing. I hope Business 101 finds you some happiness one day. Doesn't seem to be helping you right now. Maybe HHG can help you make a "vidicle" about your feelings to get you started in the right direction.

iceman063288d ago

You DO realize that quality is relative right??? Quality doesn't necessarily dictate the life of a product. Look how long the Big Mac has lasted. Sure, it's a decent burger. But, you don't think that there are burgers out there of HIGHER quality that can't keep up with the sales of the Big Mac? Repeat sales represent a business learning what customers want and delivering it...quality or not. No need to look any further than the Chinese knock-off market to see an example. There are standards and then there are products that attempt to exceed standards. THAT is where quality is measured. Sales DO mean that a product is in demand and that customers want it. But, can you honestly say that because the Ford Focus outsells the BMW that the Ford is of the highest quality? Just a thought.

Man_of_the_year3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

"But, can you honestly say that because the Ford Focus outsells the BMW that the Ford is of the highest quality? Just a thought."

That is not a fair comparison as the 2 cars are different prices. For a cheaper price, yes you could say the Ford Focus is a better quality car because people can't afford the more expensive car, or it's too much on gas, or the maintenance cost too much. Now if both cars were the same price with no compromises to the BMW, then yes the BMW is a better quality car.

Since this is about games, then the prices are pretty much standard and equal across the board. Is the quality of game A better than game B at the same price? Well that would determine what the masses feel is best worth their hard earned money.

Does Halo 3 poses a higher quality over say Killzone 2? Well that could depend on who you ask. Graphic wise maybe, but graphics are subjective. What about story, gameplay, sound...etc. People generally associate high volumes of sales to a products worth to the common consumer. The higher the sales, the more the public feels that that product or service is worth their hard earned money. If game A outsells game B and they are marked at the same price, then it's a strong and valid argument that game A is of higher quality than game B to the masses as they have voted with their wallets.

Keith Olbermann3288d ago

Justin Bieber sells millions while less known far better singers/bands sell far..far less. Is Biebers music better? Not to me. But to the masses...I guess so. Right now..the masses of NA like games where you shoot gangs of aliens/bad guys in the face all day..does that mean the shooter is the best game?? Not to me.

otherZinc3288d ago

Perfect comment on the horrible analogy used by iceman06. iceman06, compare Burger King to McDonald's (like competitors with like prices)!

@Keith Olbermann,
Horrible analogy as Bieber is aimed at kids & they go for whatever.

Halo & Killzone 2,
Compare something tangible, like features that are indisputable. Also, replay value: there are more people playing Halo each day that bought Killzone 2 in its first 2 months each day!

One more thing HipHop, MOVE didn't sell out in any store in Northwest Indiana, & its heavily populated. Ask Hatedgamer: who lives in Chicago & should know.

ksense3288d ago

the problem with applegate comment is that there is a high probability he never played the ps3 exclusives and just saying in his opinion doesnt mean anything. unless you have both systems and played all the respective games only then you can have an opinion otherwise it is random assumptions and trolling. if he does have both systems and gave an opinion based on his experience then that is fine.

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EYEamNUMBER13288d ago

game/console sales technically speaking its always been that way

ironfist923288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Oh HHG, you never cease to ridicule yourself. Concering the question, it both has benefits and consequences.

A game like MW2 may be crap, but was a commercial success, fuelling the development of further games.

However when you have games like Enslaved, which are high in quality, but is not a great seller, it hurts the developers financially, who wish to provide great titles, but cannot do so due to the lack of sales.

I dont see how the quality or sales of games affect consoles per say, however it does affect the gaming industry.

Eu3288d ago

Fuelling the same game again and again you mean, but to each his own. I agree that commercial successes are needed (and the main aim of the industry of course) but when you disregard quality to achieve the most profit you can, then we as gamers lose in the end.

BrianG3288d ago

Sadly Sales

I like to play good quality games, regardless of how much they sell. But sadly quality is usually covered up or overlooked because another game sold more.

big_silky3288d ago

a little of both, what's the use of having a bunch of good games if nobody is playing them.

Biggest3288d ago

What's the use of a bunch of broken consoles with average games waiting to be played?

ArcFatalix3288d ago

good one. pwnd the 360 troll

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