What if Super Metroid was on Sega Genesis? Hear for yourself

"Check out what Super Metroid would sound like if it was made for the Sega Genesis, created by YouTube user geckoyamori" on PaulGaleNetwork

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derkasan3294d ago

Even though the Genesis has such a different sound, it's oddly suiting for the franchise.

allysaurus873294d ago

Yeah it fits well. I wonder how blast processing would work out on the visuals lol.

TonykomatMK3294d ago

Did Genesis have more sound processing power than Super? I can't find which had more officially just people's own opinions on which they preferred.

allysaurus873294d ago

Genesis music wasn't better than SNES' but simply different and good in it's own way. I like it. Hmm now I'm wondering what it would like.

TonykomatMK3294d ago

Memories!! The Metroid main tune is classic. Genesis did have some cool audio effects I definitely could go for more of this. Mario next lol?

draz12263292d ago

Pretty cool. It may sound different but it still has the feel of Metroid

KellyKellyWWE203290d ago

Oh it's better than good! Metroid has badass music and it translated well to "genesis-like" tunes.

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