Analyst: EA's focus on new IPs may cost CEO his job

When John Riccitiello became the chief executive officer of Electronic Arts, he brought with him a unique strategy: focusing on quality titles, rather than quantity.

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Pandamobile3290d ago

Well, let's see.

Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Skate, Rock Band, Army of Two, to name a few.

(from 2007-2010)

Game-ur3290d ago

They are the top games selling company most of the year, Activision can only bet them with COD and warcraft, almost everything else Acti is publishing bombs.

And EA still milk sports games, they are bringing a Dragon Age sequel quicker than expected.

evrfighter3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Well when you think about. He put the only team that was able to compete head to head with CoD on Mirror's Edge and a console only spin-off of battlefield. I like new Ip's and Mirror's Edge but messing with DICE was his downfall. it's like sitting Jordan 5 minutes into the game

Cod Vs. DICE

CoD 1 was fun but overshadowed by 1942
cod 2 was a contender but overshadowed by bf2
cod 3 was terrible and was easily outdone by 2142.
cod 4 has zero competition from DICE when it launches. Cod4 and TF2 are instant classics.
Cod 5 WaW has no competition from DICE
Cod 6 MW2 has no competition for a few months. Bad decisions on IW/Acti's part leaves an opening for bc2 to become an "annoyance".
Cod 7 BO Will have nothing to worry about with MoH. CoD once again has zero competition.
CoD 8 will be competing with Battlefield 3. BF3 WILL lose if it comes out multiplat.

Armchair Analyst Mode:
EA/DICE needs to bring out BF3 PC only and show off next-gen gaming warfare not limited by consoles. Sure you can argue that this hurts sales but the damage is done. The chink in the dragon's armor is exposed and CoD becomes yesterday's news. BF4 can be introduced on a new console and the console crowd will be chomping at the bit to get a piece of Battlefield. As it stands no multiplat shooter will beat CoD this gen. A shooter needs to beat CoD in the pc realm first. TF2 is a perfect example but will never be realized on consoles because Valve doesn't want to charge console (xbox) gamers for DLC because M$ requires it.

Back on Topic.
I hope he gets sacked. And no I don't care about him being unemployed he'll end up with a severance package worth millions like all CEO's nowadays -_-

toaster3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

More Mirror's Edge would be fantastic. I loved that game, more variety from the usual generic first person shooters of this generation. Even now it still stands out from the rest, not many devs have come up with something so new and refreshing as Mirror's Edge. DICE really knows how to make great games.

360RRODFIX3290d ago

this is what i hate about this industry. I LOVe new IPs, but people seem to buy only generic sequels.

tinybigman3290d ago

EA if you do this its a bad move. new and creative IPs is what keeps the industry from getting stale which is happening now with shooters, after shooters after shooters.

please let's keep the creativity alive in the industry and not kill it.


I only started buying EA games when they started getting creative. if you had read my comments going back 4 years or so, I was constantly bashing EA and never owned any EA. Mirrors edge and Dead Space changed all that for me.

I like the direction they have gone and I think they deserve more support then Activision.

I just don't understand who these people are that want to keep buying the same old crap over and over, never supporting truly great games like dead space. i hope this does not happen.

badz1493290d ago

although their annual sports game is still annoying but FIFA in particular has improved a lot and right now hailed as the best football game and I'm loving it! games like Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, BO: Paradise, Dragon Age, Brutal Legend, Dante's Inferno, DeathSpank, Shank etc, are like fresh air to the all time generic market! it's sad to see people keep supporting rehashed CRAP year over year over new IPs which are sometimes/many times REALLY REALLY GOOD! you can hate EA over their sports game all you want but in terms of quality new IPs, besides Sony, EA is next in line as the best! screw Bobby Kotick & Co.

BillOreilly3290d ago

I say good for him theose are some great games and new ips are welcomed. Some of those are huge successes and massive franchises now so ea would be retarted to think its bad

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Man In Black3290d ago

I don't really give a shit that EA have been creating new IPs. Their DLC milking is ridiculous.

badz1493290d ago

Kotick is the devil! how much the map packs cost again? oh oh...and removal of mods and dedicated servers from MW2 but hiking the retail price!

lodossrage3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Skate

Those just to name a few that started with THIS generation are new IP

ironfist923290d ago

Any news on Mirror's Edge 2?

Megaton3290d ago

I'm certainly not holding my breath on that one. EA isn't the kind of company to let a sequel slip away for very long if there's money to be made. I think if they were gonna make it, it would have been announced already.

A quick Google search tells me that Mirror's Edge has in fact sold over 1 million copies, so I guess it didn't tank. Still, I'm doubtful we'll see a sequel for it. I think it's one risk too many for them at the moment.

AKS3290d ago

I bought it for PS3 and PC plus the DLC. I feel like I did my part to support Mirror's Edge. I really hope there is a sequel. I loved the original.

dtrain213290d ago

I think he did a great job

CrippleH3290d ago

God damn Shareholders don't.

lodossrage3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

The problem is when EA stopped milking things (not counting the sports games) they did it at a bad time. They tried to get creative when the economy was at its worst point in years.

Granted, it's a wonderful thing they tried to do, but not economically friendly. Activision is surviving right now BECAUSE they aren't trying to bring creativity but instead are milking everything.

And to be bluntly honest, that gaming industry is in a very sad state when creativity and innovation are shunned and greed and milking are rewarded.

This is why I said years ago Activision is better built to survive in the economy we live in BECAUSE they milk stuff

EA gained a great deal of respect for bringing things like dead space and mirror's edge...but..respect and fan love don't always pay the bills

karl3290d ago

i hope people understand (or whoever needs to) that this is a good long term strategy..

it may not pay off right now.. but in the future will leave EA in a good position.. i really want to support this guy

lodossrage3290d ago

But just like the article says, investors are very short term thinkers. And yeah, a lot of them have this "now now now" mentality with a total lack of patience.

And yes, like you said, in the long run and Grand Scheme of things, the creativity and innovation is better for EA as a whole. But will stock holders wait long enough?

gamingdroid3290d ago

I think it is funny that people call it "milking", but at the same time say that the "milking sells" the product. Doesn't the fact that the product sell mean that it isn't milked!

So here we have a clear example of what is going on. One company with new IPs, the CEO might get sacked. The other company with sequels is doing relatively great!

I love new IPs, but unfortunately the customers have spoken!

jony_dols3290d ago

He transformed EA for the better,
look at Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, Bad Company 1 & 2, Skate, Mass Effects, Dante's Inferno, MOH...

And look at how FIFA and Madden have been reformed since he took over....

Shame on you EA if you get rid of him.

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