2K Sports to make a generic next-gen football game?

On the official 2K Sports website there is contest that asks members to pick team names for a "hypothetical generic football game" EA finally going to have some (generic)competition soon?

"Now for today's poll, please vote for the Miami name you like the best, and be sending in your ideas for the best names for the next Double Team Day teams: Green Bay and (Surprise #2) Birmingham! Remember to limit yourself to one suggested name in a PM per team. The top five team names for both teams will be included in the new poll on Saturday when the Miami poll closes.

Also, please note that the PFL has been set in stone - it will not be changed, so don't send in suggestions for new names for it. I also cannot change the extra cities that are not featured in the NFL, so please do not ask me to include your city as they are already decided.

Have fun!"

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Bill Nye5381d ago

Might be a good idea. I think the latest Blitz sold pretty well.

Grown Folks Talk5381d ago

they've been talking about 2k legends for a while. using hall of famers not directly tied to the nfl contract. give me barry sanders and gail sayers, and you're finished.

joeyfrederickson5381d ago

Yeah they kind of announced this game a long time ago...not officially, but when they went around and got the rights to use players like Reggie White, and stuff it was kind of a given they were going to make a football game. BTW if they can get some really cool football players I think there game can be 10 times better than madden.

I mean we play with peyton manning and ladanian tomlinson every year...It would be so much fun to play as barry sanders, the fridge, terry bradshaw, etc.

BTW does anyone know any of the other names they have signed? I only heard they got rights to use reggie white, that is the only one.