PSX Extreme: The Last Guardian Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "For PlayStation 3 owners, The Last Guardian is just one of those games. It’s a PS3 exclusive that should be an excellent addition to any library, and with Team ICO and respected designer Fumito Ueda behind the scenes, we’re expecting nothing less than an original, memorable experience. Ueda has often described the game and his artistic sensibilities usually shine through. For instance, various levels of distinct emotion will be found in this touching adventure, and that massive creature (named Torico) will be about as realistic as a fantasy creation can be."

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Serjikal_Strike3291d ago

nothing else can describe what will become of this game!!

Trebius3291d ago

PS3's on a roll for the next year and a half :P

T9X693291d ago

I've seen the trailer, and read this preview, but I still don't understand the hype behind this game, IMO the trailer looked really boring. I played ICO I long time ago and don't remember much from it, but I do remember a lot from SoTC and it was a pretty good game, but nothing like the hype this game is getting.

KratosGod33291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Just go play your sales king 360 and live PS3 exclusives alone
This is going to be a quality game and only for PS3 owners.
This game is too much for you and your trolls.

snp3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Jesus you're sour on all things Ps3 related. For someone who claims not to be a troll.

Obama3291d ago

T9X69 is like: What?! There's no space marines?! You don't get to shoot pink aliens??! LAMEEEEE

T9X693291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Only for PS3 owners? I own a PS3.....

@Obama - I feel sorry for you if you think everyone who owns a 360 is in love with Halo.

Redrum0593291d ago


damn dude, dont kill em. :)

Cenobia3290d ago

How could you not remember ICO? If you played it to completion you'd remember it.

Team ICO has made 2 games, both of which are considered by most to be among the greatest of all time. That is why there is hype - they have a 100% ratio of awesome games.

Their games connect on an emotional level.

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TheLastGuardian3291d ago

It will be epic no doubt but there are many words you can use to describe The Last Guardian.

Cyrus3653291d ago

This is Japanese - Artful type games, that Kojima is talking about.

Mamajuana3291d ago

This should be nothing short of a masterpiece.

TheLastGuardian3291d ago

must own
game of the decade

Apotheosize3291d ago

I cant believe we have to wait another year...some of us could die in that time

Domer253291d ago

Damn I thought I had a demented view on life. Didn't take your happy pills today? Either way day one for me.

Apotheosize3291d ago

Hey man you say that now..but tomorrow..bam! Not even a First Guardian for you..

jerethdagryphon3291d ago

if the creature dies i will be most un happy

BannedForNineYears3291d ago

If he dies....I'm not buying the game.....
I can't stand animals dying. D:

Not including that stinking horse in SotC! I was so glad when he died.........
*End spoilers.....*

AKS3290d ago

You have not played through Shadow of the Colossus.

cmrbe3290d ago

If you actually played the game you know that Argo didn't perish. Stop reading about the game or watching youtube clips and then claim you played it. It makes you look stupid.

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