Buy 2, get 1 free sale on used games/accessories at GameStop

Toys R Us’ buy 2 get 1 free deal is ending on October 16, but a similar sale at GameStop will be available starting tomorrow, which is also available online now with a code.

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boogeyman9993699d ago

Damnit GameStop. Why do you always have to make everything used?

T9X693699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Why not, buy two games get one free, and get 10% off, if you have an Edge card, or Power Points or what ever the hell it is now. Gamestop is a rip off 99% of the time, but when they have sales like these it's is totally worth it.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention. Used games are great at Gamestop for one reason. You have 7 days to try it out, so its almost like an expensive rental service. So if you don't like your free game, you can take it back and get a different one :)

HolyOrangeCows3699d ago


I just bought 3 used Ps2 games a few days ago. Oh well, the cheapest game was $3. I would have saved $3.....whoopie.

IaMs123699d ago

return them if its only a few days ago and then rebuy 2 of them haha

You got 7 days

BiggCMan3699d ago

i agree. i dont like buying used. they had this same sale back in july, and i picked up 3 games. the only reason i did was because they were all within a year old, damn cheap, and in perfect condition. so i couldnt pass it up. i got batman for 35, MAG for 40, and super street fighter 4 for free. you really cant pass that up. if a similar situation arises again, i may do it depending on my wallet. im trying to save enough for the holiday.

dragunrising3699d ago

Normally I would never buy used if I could help it although, I don't have the money for games at present. I would love to take advantage of the Toys R US B2G1, however this seems like the best bet for me.

If I buy some DLC all will be forgiven right?

FragGen3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Stop being a wuss. Used games are good for the industry, it's not like piracy. People trade in used games and preorder new games all day long at gamestop, I always trade in old for new when I do trade-ins, they don't give you hardly anything unless you take in store credit on another purchase.

By buying a used copy you are helping to fund the buying of new games and getting a good deal on something you never would have purchased otherwise. There is nothing morally wrong with it just like there is no harm in buying a used Car, DVD, iPod, WHATEVER. The developers who work hard to make the games are salaried employees, the people who get p*ssed about used sales are not devs generally, they're a-hole publishers like Activision and EA.

Only gamers seem to be dumb enough to have bought into feeling guilty about buying used. The video game business is a 25billion dollar industry in the US alone, they're not your friends, they're business people trying to make a buck off you. You have to look out for your interests as a consumer because they have no problem taking your money all day long.

You guys can go on making Bobby Kotick's yacht payments, I'm going to take advantage of sales, discounts, used products, whatever, so I can enjoy life now and save for my kids' future at the same time.

Chug3698d ago

I will never order used games online from GameStop again. I ordered MAG used a few months back and they sent me the disc in a paper sleeve...and thats it! No case, no artwork, no instruction manual. I was pissed.

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showtimefolks3699d ago

time to buy some awsome games

resistance 1-2
alpha protocol but at gamestop its 40 and at gamefly its 15 lol

Alpha protocol
Dead to rights retribution
Ninja gaiden sigma 2
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Fallout new Vegas
Prince of Persia forgotten sands
Dead rising
Mafia 2
Devil may cry 4
Modnation racers
Need for speed shift
Red dead redemption
Lost planet 2
Army of two 40th day
Heavenly Sword
Wanted weapons of fate
Ferrari Challenge
Transformers war for cybertron
Terminator Salvation
red faction

here i come gamestop

Serjikal_Strike3699d ago

are going to need more than $230 my friend!

BiggCMan3699d ago

you are incredibly behind in video games man. just to warn you though, the only games i would take off that list are wet, wanted, and terminator. ive played many, MANY of the others and they are all worth playing somewhat. but those 3 are a waste of time and money.

T3MPL3TON 3698d ago

Agreed. Terminator is OMG awful. Wet gets repetitive after the first 2 minutes and Wanted.. Wanted should have never been made.

joydestroy3699d ago

Castlevania, Mafia 2, NFS:Shift, and RDR are all awesome.

B-Real2063698d ago

I think I'm going to pick up NFS:Shift and the Simpsons game just have to figure out which game for 24.99 or less that I wouldn't mind playing......maybe Dead Space

ATi_Elite3698d ago

you seriously need to go outside and run around.

your ass is gonna be a permanent fixture on your couch

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archemides5183699d ago

if anyone is doing this deal online, i suggest u do it fast, as titles are becoming "not available online" every minute. i have personally seen god of war collection and toy story 3 ps3 instantly fall off availability, either by design or cuz people bought them up

ZombieAssassin3698d ago

Dam you, I was just there yesterday and bought 2 games...guess I'll be taking them back saying I didn't like them then driving down the street to the other gamestop and picking up the same 2 games with a free one.

ATi_Elite3698d ago

Game Stop
Best buy
Toys R Us

somebody has to die in the war of selling video games. Obviously Walmart and Target are safe cause they sell everything else.

BestBuy is safe cause they sell appliances and services.

so that leaves Toys R US and Game Stop but Toys R US sells clothes, bikes, and toys.

So Game Stop is gonna die because

some Toys R Us, Walmart, and Best Buys do the used game 2 step as well.

2011 game over GAME STOP R.I.P.