Top 5 Most Anticipated RPGs – October

"The internet has spoken. This website has listened and added its own twenty-two cents. As of right now, these are the most anticipated RPGs." -RPG Land

imoutofthecontest4997d ago

4 of these games will be available for PS3. Not exclusive, mind you, but coming to it at least. Three for 360 (unless Square pulls another FFXIII lulzathon), 2 appear on PC, and only one of them seems like a lock to stay exclusive to one console. Good for gamers, I guess.

sdtarm4997d ago

keep on the weed bud..

imoutofthecontest4997d ago (Edited 4997d ago )

It might seem like he's on the weed right now, but I think that's what people would have said a month or two before the FF13 multiplatform announcement might have said too, and then look what happened. Same in reverse for Mass Effect 2 ending up on PS3.

It's somewhat unpredictable at this point.

Edit: Or apparently someone here belives he can predict the future, haha.

blitz06234997d ago

Keep dreaming. Watching Inception can help.

TronEOL4997d ago

Yeah, then they'll say it's going to be a PS3 exclusive in Japan and that it's going to get DLC. They'll also include a "Voucher" for the next FFXIV Beta that doesn't even give you a 100% chance of getting in.

Then in the end, they'll tell you there won't be DLC, it's going to be Multiplat in Japan and the MMO game will flop before you get to try it.

Sounds about right to me.

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PS360fanboy4997d ago

And what does that have to do with anything...? Why is Mass Effect in the list? It came out january and the PS3 version will be a port...couldn't agree more with the rest, especially the one from studio gibli.

TVippy4997d ago

Ultra lame list. Versus is out in 2012 if we're lucky.

jarrod19814997d ago

i want tes5 more than any of these. more than any game period. cant wait for new vegas and fable 3 though. both games will be great.

lastdual4997d ago

True. As good as some of these look, I'd trade them all for TESV in a heartbeat. Hopefully after the buzz dies down for New Vegas we'll finally get an announcement from Bethesda.

Tony P4997d ago

TESV would make my year were they to announce. Hell, I'd take a NV style spin-off for TESIV in a heartbeat.

Jack-Pyro4997d ago

New Vegas FTW!!!

Though I must admit VS. Has me Intrigued , as dose Fable 3....though to a slightly lesser degree....

thesithfreak4997d ago (Edited 4997d ago )

Atlus's Project Dark. If you've played Demon's Souls, then this would be your most anticipated RPG. i'd say elder scrolls 5 but it hasnt been announced. Other than that, The Old Republic

Also, i'm pretty excited about two worlds II