PlayStation Move Makes Top-Ten Accessory List For September

The #1 selling accessory for September was, once again, the Xbox Live 1600 point card, followed by the $20 PlayStation Network card. Additionally, the PlayStation Move, which released on September 17th, was also among the top-ten accessories for September in the form of three separate SKUs, including the Move + Sports Champions bundle.

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MURKERR3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

wonder what the real numbers are for USA

japan will see a higher number than europe im guessing as ps3 and wii are the most popular home consoles there. with the ps3 now outselling the wii for the last few months.

ImpartialMan3288d ago

even their own members doesnt understand, how VGchart gets such wrong numbers...

and there has been plenty of articles showing why VGchart is really inaccurate.

TheBlackSmoke3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

When was vgchartz mentioned?

edit: Correct, between sony and NPD data we know move is at the 2 million mark and its not even out in japan yet. So much for flopping eh?

BrianG3288d ago

I agree, with above, VGCharts wasn't mentioned. In fact VGCharts doesn't even have that number of 1.5 million Move's sold. They have a much lower number.

But I do agree VGChartz sucks for accurate numbers if your looking for some. They can give a good estimate, but nothing else. They don't even update their Hardware sold for PS3, just updating the Xbox hardware sold. Not sure why, but it don't really bother me either way.

jneul3288d ago

i agree it excellent sales, meanwhile haters will hate..

Garnett3288d ago

We all know you can say ish on VGChartz without getting banned by butt hurt admins, that site fucking sucks.

Oh well PS3 out sold the Wii, thats a sign of good things.

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JoeReno3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

If Sony can ramp up production they very well may have 3+mil move controllers sold buy the end of the holidays (world wide that is).

Here is my logic behind that statement

1.5mil europe
1mil japan
And another 500k for the States

Hahaha see I can be like VGC also

TheBlackSmoke3288d ago

That is actually pretty realistic numbers, but watch if the move does achieve that the media will still act like it bombed

JoeReno3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Yeah, I think that it will sell a lot more. Its been out for a month in the US/EU and we have all of Nov, and Dec. But I didn't want to throw gas on the motion controller (or lack of) fire.

squallheart3288d ago

Sony needs to ramp up production alot of local stores havent had no stock. I hope they fix these and for the love of god send move kiosks. People are not getting hands on with the controller how are they going to sell more.

sbizarre3288d ago

I will buy one i'n Australia. :) but I am going to wait for sorcery first.