Examiner Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

" The release of Heavenly Sword was met with acclaimed success even though there were some issues with the game like length for example. Well Ninja Theory’s next attempt at a next gen game is the multiplatform Enlsaved: Odyssey to the West. This game is based off of the Chinese novel Journey to the West except with their own twist on the tale. "

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Gue13293d ago

You know, examiner does good reviews. This one is short but it goes straight to the point and I agree with almost everything.

AKS3292d ago

Their technical writing could use a bit of work, but it's a decent enough summary of his personal take on his experience with the game.

showtimefolks3292d ago

and this is 8hrs....HS sold over 1.5million and for NT that was not good enough i am almost sure this one won't sell much better

if NT want to sell there games than please add some replay value otherwise why should i waste 60 plus on this when i can get new vegas for same price and see the difference

ironfist923292d ago

No ones putting a gun to your head...

AKS3292d ago

I think you should just more on to another game if you aren't willing to buy it. I remember hearing people making similar comments about Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and several other games. Buy the games you think will enjoy most and quit complaining about a game you never intended to buy. Someone interested in Enslaved is going to be interested in the storytelling and characters more than the numerical figure it takes to run through it. Enslaved obviously isn't for you.

Karum3292d ago

I kinda liked the demo. I plan on trading in Castlevania for it once I'm done with that.

burnttoast3292d ago

@ Gue1 - thanks for the compliment bud.
@ AKS - Yeah I know I'm not the best writer, I've taken some publications and writing classes but I've been out of practice for awhile. Thanks for the constructive criticism.

@ Showtimefolks - even if this game is only 8 hours. There's no excuse not to rent the game. The developers spent a great deal of time to make a superior story and a very fun game. It's worth everyone's time even if you only rent it for a few days.

AKS3292d ago

I just noticed a typo in my own post that I'm now unable to edit; it happens.

I have quite a bit of experience with technical writing and have taught research methods classes at the university level. A great resource I'd recommend that is concise and easy to follow is "Elements of Style" by Strunk and White, which I've used for years.

Thanks for listening to constructive criticism without being offended.
The primary issue I was referring to was utilizing commas to separate clauses when appropriate. This would make you writing easier to read.

burnttoast3292d ago

Thanks, I will work on that. And feel free to give me any feedback. I'm open to all.