Can We Give Alan Wake An Award For Best Ads?

Kotaku writes: "Alan Wake is not a shoe-in for Game of the Year 2010, but these ads for the exclusive Xbox 360 thriller are so lovely they deserve some sort of high-caliber 2010 praise."

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coolbeans3290d ago

Awesome ad ideas. I need an Alan Wake sundial watch like the in the pic :P.

Cyrus3653290d ago

Sun-dial thing is very clever.

Bolts3290d ago

Too bad nobody can figure out WTF the ad is advertising.

tails133290d ago

Crap ads. Clever pictures/idea but useless advertisements. Especially billboard advertisements which are only viewed quickly.

PS360fanboy3290d ago

I'm glad you're not working on advertising...

I need to play Alan Wake. A demo would do wonders for sales.

tails133290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I'm a final year marketing student.

Advertising works best when it is designed to create awareness. Doing something clever with the brand hidden in the bottom corner won't create too much awareness as the audience doesn't get a chance to understand the advertisement.

As I said, they're clever ideas but work terribly as advertisements.

visualb3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

tails has a point.

first thing I though of when I saw the main image wasn't a video game, it was...too vague to be anything

but i'd say its more to do with with positioning / size of the Alan Wake logo in relation to the image than anything else

as he said, very clever, but badly edited and laid out =/

Michael-Jackson3290d ago

No but you can give them a note stating that these ads suck balls because it failed to help Alan Wake sell better than it already has.

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The story is too old to be commented.