Super Mario Bros., 25 Years Amongst Us - GameDynamo

GameDynamo says, "The original Super Mario Bros. sold over 40 million copies and ingrained itself in the fabric of gamers and games alike. Its legacy is still alive now, the success of Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well as the New Super Mario Bros. Wii, attesting to its continuing allure. SMB began as a sequel to the arcade classic, Mario Bros., two plumbers romping through the sewers of New York as they took out crabs (Sidesteppers) and bird-faced turtles (Shellcreepers). Somewhere in between Donkey Kong and Gyromite, a classic was born, the brainchild of the designing prodigy, Shigeru Miyamoto. What was it about this game that made it stick out and become so popular? What was that special something that made it, well, super?"

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