1UP: Our Undeniable Bond With Virtual Pets

1UP writes: "Something strange happens to you when you're playing with the EyePet. After you've learned all the different ways you can interact with Sony's cuddly little beast -- you've fed the blighter, cleaned him, fed him, taught him how to conjure an airplane out of thin air by drawing it in his magic notebook -- you start to wonder if there's any real reason to continue completing the set challenges in the "game," other than earning more trophies for your PSN profile. Then, just before you turn off the camera and your move remote for the last time, your EyePet looks out of your television, gives a little grin, and hops up in your lap. So you pet him a little. He purrs, circles around in front of you not-quite-like a cat or a dog, then lies down and goes to sleep. You smile and turn off the PS3."

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