TechLand: Origins: Tanya Jessen, Lead Producer on Bulletstorm

TechLand writes: "Q: Can you see any of yourself in the game ideas, or in the gameplay mechanics?

A: Oh, yes. So I'm not going to take credit because this is Adrian's baby. But, a lot of the core story ideas (which we haven't talked about yet) came from me, Adrian, and Rick Remender being locked in a room for a week.

So a lot of those ideas, Trischka's character is very much a product of me because I wanted a strong female character that wasn't stereotypically hot. But still, obviously had a way about her that implied sexiness. You know, [sarcastically] the fight for boob size was an awesome one. It was probably a week of back and forth, like…

Q: From B to D cup?

A: It was everything imaginable. It was width. It was the cleavage showing. It was height, from top to bottom. It was the level of bounciness. It was all of that. I'm in Adrian's office, like, "Adrian, come on. No! Are you crazy? Trishka, she's our badass."

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CrzyFooL3288d ago

Get back in the kitchen and let Cliff make the games!!

I joke I joke, I kid I kid.

Seriously tho, wheres my sandwich?

SexyPrawns3288d ago

That's not funny.

My wife died in our kitchen...

...and I'm still waiting on the sandwich. ;)

Blacktric3288d ago

I'm sorry but what does that have to do with the article? If you are gonna share something about the article then please do. Otherwise, go and watch the rest of the Ray William Johnson episodes on YouTube.

hesido3288d ago

Read the part on how she got into the industry. It's so much lucky of her.. She used her chances pretty well, to her credit. I would have screwed up, lol!

SexyPrawns3288d ago

I take it English isn't your first OR second language?

hesido3288d ago

I take it you don't understand what you read?

SexyPrawns3288d ago

"It's so much lucky of her."

I understood it.

Now, correct it.

John-1173288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

She looks very shagable

SexyPrawns3288d ago

Fapping to that picture right now.

Wish that girl wasn't blocking some of it though.

CrzyFooL3288d ago

Oh I see what you did there!!

4cough3288d ago

But I've still got a bag sweet-ness for her.

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