Hell Descent: Dead Space Ignition Review ‘Horrifyingly For The Wrong Reasons’

Hell Descent: Dead Space Ignition is set before the events of Dead Space 2 and its goal is to explain just how the necromorphs made their way onto the space colony known as The Sprawl. Most likely influenced by the success of Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, Ignition follows a similar formula; a short $5 prequel to the main game. The issue here is that Dead Rising 2: Case Zero was actually a game; it was content pulled from the full title and molded into its own game. The problem with Dead Space Ignition is that it shouldn’t exist in its current form. The game is truly horrifying, but for all the wrong reasons. Hit the jump for the full review.

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Blaze9293294d ago

lol figured. I played the trial today and couldn't wrap my thoughts around that abomination. Words can't even describe that crap. deleted that game asap

Arsenic133294d ago

EA really dropped the ball here.

WildArmed3294d ago

Yeah. I was like.. what? You want me to play through this?
Most of the mini-games look worse than flash games you can find on miniclip.

No thank you.
I'll just youtube the story :D

tunaks13294d ago

wow, what was the point of this? Just tarnishes the DeadSpace brand.

hadouken0073294d ago

Delete the game 2 minutes after playing it.