Video games continue a steep decline in September, but Halo: Reach blasts into orbit

gamrFeed - "Video game sales revenue dropped 8% from September 2010, to $1.18 billion for the month. Hardware sales, lead by declines in PS3 and Wii, were down by 19% to $377 million. In our preview for the figures this month, VGC had expected hardware to fall to $381 million."

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big_silky3698d ago

Let's wait for the Japanese numbers, they're the only ones that count.

GreenRingOfLife3697d ago

"According to the tech blog Venture Beat, video game sales revenue dropped 8% from September 2010"

thats because there is no Halo game coming out in october

StanLatMarveldotCom3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

The angst from PS3 fanboys in this thread is funny as hell. Have you all read some of the comments below?! Wow.

naznatips3697d ago

Interesting I guess. The industry seems to be quite healthy right now.

Bigpappy3697d ago

NPD has 360 selling 528,000 in the US alone. That is higher than Greenburg stated. Wii and PS3 both saw declines. If there is not a significant fall oof in 360 sale for OCT, M$ will have its biggest holiday sales ever. M$ has some serious momentum and Sony is not doing anything to try and slow them down. Obviously the Move did not do it, and GT5 was pushed back to give Fable and Kinect a free pass. Eu and Japan aren't buying as many consoles.

sdtarm3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

"X360 sold 484,000 units in September - about 96,800 units per week, up from August 2010 (89,175 units per week) and September 2009 levels but still not quite at the pace of the non-holiday record for X360 set in September 2007 when Halo 3 pushed X360 to 528,000"

-_-wow u dont even know how to read do u?

showtimefolks3697d ago

ps3 is selling better than expected sony have said that.

1.5 million units sold for move so i call that really good.

Gt5 in december you damn right its gonna sell.

please give me 10 games in 2011 that are AAA titles for MS only system.

killzone 3
yakuza 4
Ico collection

so i posted 6 games 4 of them are 100% GOTY contender can you say the same for xbox360.


resistance 3
ratchet all 4 one 2011/2012
getaway 3
eight days

westy5523697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

You are just absolutely full of it arnt you.

showtimefolks3697d ago

i am happy sony has delayed some titles gives me more time to play.

and rest of the world is also buying consoles GT5 sells more overseas so that's where consoles will sell too

BUT what a smart move by MS to launch slim its doing great one thing that's really funny/sad is all the multiplatform game when it advertises in the end it says xbox360 now only $199 than in small prints it say 4gb i would like to know how many people fall for that one

RockmanII73697d ago

Sony and Micro$oft are in there happy place right now. Now Nintendo, must be weird not being #1 anymore.

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dtrain213697d ago

Where's TheTruth2009 when u need him.... so he can shut up the $ony fanboys

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The story is too old to be commented.