Hands on Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7 - Why it looks Promising - Ripten

RipTen is lucky enough to have a loyal reader who works for a wireless provider. He has demoed the much-hyped Windows Phone 7. Our friend also informed us that while completely functional, the phone they tested was not, “necessarily final”. Enjoy the preview:

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CrzyFooL3288d ago

So you have avatars and achievements on your phone, whoop de doo. I'll stick with my droid.

KingNintendoFanboy3288d ago

I'll stick with my regular piece of crap phone.

Rush3288d ago

I sometimes wonder that if Microsoft released the cure for cancer that Sony fans would still find a reason to down it.

karl3288d ago

if MS were to find the cure for cancer ppl should get ready to sell their asses .. i bet it wont be cheap.

Gandalf3288d ago

I haven't changed my cellphone for a long time. I still like it though because it still looks pretty badass.

OnlyTheTruth3288d ago

I see you went for the micro model. Must have cost a fortune.

ilikestuff3288d ago

hahaaaa! i bet you get all types of vag when you pull that out in a bar.

Blaze9293288d ago

Microsoft knows what they are doing by making Xbox LIVE the key feature for Windows 7. Apple realizes it too - which is why they launched Game Center. Plain and simple: there is no market currently in the mobile device field that offers a centralized gaming service. The first to offer it and do it well (for free - that means you Microsoft!) will come out victorious.

I been watching Windows Phone 7 for awhile now and yeah, it does look promising....too bad I'm too in love with my iPhone though >_>

CyberCam3288d ago

Those 2 words together in the same sentence is a joke! You know full & well M$ will charge you something!

Personally, I'll stick with Android, thanks but no thanks.

Theoneneo813288d ago

if by sticking with your droid you mean bloated software and some that steal your data yeah good luck with that :)

CrzyFooL3288d ago

omgad whats with the disagrees!? Have YOU people used this thing yet? One hands on preview and you are all ready to jump on the next hot thing!? You must all have fat wallets!!

dragunrising3288d ago

I also have the Droid. So far its been the best phone I've ever owned. It has great battery life, call quality, service, fast browsing, good selection of non-gaming apps etc, etc. My only misgiving with the Droid and Android is the horrible selection of games. I have three games on my Droid: Robo Defense, Zenonia, Radiant and the Angry Birds beta. While the games I own are good in their own right they aren't ozzing with high production value. Where is Sonic 4, Modern Warfare 2 or Resident Evil? Everyday, there is an awesome game released on the iPhone :-/ Until I see some higher caliber games on Android I will continue to envy the iPhone 4 and look at Windows Phone 7 as potential new phones. Granted, the gaming situation and Android should improve with time (testament to its growing popularity) however I have been waiting since March for a great mobile game. There are publishers that don't even release their games on the Android Marketplace. Gameloft and EA come to mind.

hoops3288d ago

Android phones have little game support. Hopefully this changes with gingerbread OS...

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Sandwich Bender3288d ago

Gah, I'm so sick of these tech wars! I just got a new phone. Why must I crave everything? :(

kaveti66163288d ago

shhh. be calm, young lamb. Your shepherd Sony shall be back soon.

Drjft3288d ago

I'm keen to get one if they aren't overpriced like most phones are.

f7897903288d ago

What new smart phone doesn't cost a fortune?

Matronedea3288d ago

I wonder how long it'll be before there's a Windows Phone 2. A year maybe?

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The story is too old to be commented.