“Good” Graphics: Are They Important Nowadays?

This “next-generation” of consoles now has formed an identity. Graphics are no longer the main selling point of a game, look at the Wii, for example, with its Gamecube-like graphics. Instead, there is now a focus on gameplay, and narrative.

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FAGOL3286d ago

Too a certain extent yes. I mean people spent alot of money buying a hd console. If the game can be run on a ps2 or the old xbox then it just shows the game does'nt have quality and it's been rushed. (when I say game I mean disc based ones)

GWAVE3286d ago

Of course good graphics are important. "Good graphics" aren't just visuals, it also deals with physics, more enemies on screen at a time, longer draw distances, etc.

But with that said, there are games like 3D Dot Game Heroes that looks so mind-blowingly beautiful even though the graphics are not - technically - on par with some other games.

MrMccormo3286d ago

Yeah I love 3D Dot Heroes. That game looks gorgeous but of course because it isn't soaked in blood therefore it is teh failz.

FAGOL3286d ago

ahh i'll repeat. when I say game I mean disc based ones. 3d dot game heroes is a downloadable and the graphics are perfect for that game.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3286d ago

Are they important? Yes. Are they critical? No. Gameplay is all that matter to me.

jwk943286d ago

3d dot isn't downloadable.

vickers5003286d ago

3d Dot Game heroes is not a downloadable game.

PirateThom3286d ago

3D Dot isn't downloadable, it's a full disc release.

That game has beautiful graphics though, colourful and vibrant, but the way that game is put together is outstandingly well done. The water in that game is exceptionally pretty.

-Alpha3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Graphics are just another factor, one of many, that make up a game. Gameplay is still the most important.

However way you feel that you want to weigh components of a game is up to you. This is why reviews are so subjective and a "universal standard" is never feasible. I value graphics, but they fall behind more important things like gameplay and story most of the time.

The fault of graphics this gen is that they are the EASIEST way for fanboys to use to put down other games. Graphic comparisons are easy to do and easy for people to assert one game is superior to another. That's what I hate about graphics so much these days. I also really hate how people act as if a game has the best graphics everything else isn't worth playing. It's the same with scores-- if a game doesn't reach some overwhelmingly high standard it's deemed unplayable. By doing this people have made graphics the be-all and end-all of judging games, and it's something I see a lot.

I can still go back to my PS2 and enjoy my PS2 games (I'm playing Okami right now). For some reason some people can't go back, or play on the Wii because they claim HD spoiled them. They value graphics so highly, but I just don't value graphics that way.

Sarcasm3286d ago

WTF, yes it is. That's why we have high end PCs and new graphics cards are still coming out every year.

doa7663286d ago Show
-Alpha3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )


Size doesn't matter if you don't know how to work it, buddy. Stand their prideful all you want, it means nothing if you can't work it. That's why some women can find more pleasure with their pinky finger than a "huge" Willy Wonka.

But enough sex analogies. Graphics have a level of importance, but bigger is hardly better.

What is truly impressive is when great graphics don't compensate great gameplay. That is when you have an all-around quality product.

DaTruth3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

There is absolutely no reason why graphics has to exclude gameplay! If someone busts their @$$ so hard on making the graphics amazing, why would they flop out on gameplay?

When I see good graphics, it just gives me the impression that they put a lot of work into the game and it is less likely they skimped on gameplay.

It's not like there are many really beautiful cars with low performance!

CernaML3286d ago

You just made me facepalm into oblivion. 3D Dot Game Heroes IS a disc based game and the graphics are phenomenal.

Razmossis3285d ago

I'm currently replaying San Andreas and having waaay more fun with it than alot of this generations games. No, graphics don't matter... good graphics are great and all.. but these days it seems to come at the cost of gameplay variation and game length.
And I don't care how much you fanboys scream, KZ2 was a prime example of this ^^

bakasora3285d ago

Bad graphic is like sending bad resume for interview.

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ChickeyCantor3286d ago

" If the game can be run on a ps2 or the old xbox then it just shows the game does'nt have quality and it's been rushed."

What a load of BC.
It could be:
Lack of human resources;

Doesn't mean there is no quality.
The fact people agreed with you just shows how narrowminded you guys are.

Aesthetic are important, but as long the rules are bad the rest won't matter.

DaTruth3286d ago

If I did something and didn't give it enough time, money or devoted enough resources, that means I didn't put in an effort, which means it has low quality!

That is practically the definition of quality!

stragomccloud3285d ago

Very true, a lot games have obviously had budget constraints, but are great none the less.

vsr3285d ago

Otherwise i'll stick with my PS2

ChickeyCantor3285d ago

" that means I didn't put in an effort, which means it has low quality! "

So because you have a smaller team, there is no devotion?
Or just because there is no Time, there is no effort?
Because there is no big budget, there are no great ideas worked out?

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number473286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

the gameplay possibilities, no it was all cgi trailers/new graphical benchmarks.

Which everyone thought would be Gears of War, Resident Evil, MADDEN, Killzone2, eveyrthing was sold as visuals.

We all are playing generally the same gameplay we've been playing with more immersion. The goal for gaming has been getting closer and closer to photo-real or cartoon-real or fantasy - real imagery. Its inherent that a game has to be good in order to enjoy it. No one argues that you have one or the other.

Graphics and good gameplay is what gaming has been about. Art styles, whatever you want to call it. Now that the 360 can't produce things like Uncharted/Gran Turismo/Infamous2/MAG/LBP visually, people started questioning graphics. WHICH IS THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED IN GAMING :: :: :: Making retarded comments like "Id rather have good gameplay than just good graphics." Who the hell wants just graphics w/o gameplay? No one. Please. If thats the case, why not keep playing PS2 and Xbo.. oh wait it was discontinued. But why invest into "NEXT GEN" if you dont care about better immersion? Better sound, better physics, better animation? The Wii appeals to everyone in the world, not a small demographic like the 'hardcore' consoles. If it was targeted towards that audience, it wouldn't nearly be as much of aa success. Its why G movies generally sell better than rated R movies.

randomwiz3286d ago

Great Gameplay helps me love a game.
Great Graphics helps me appreciate it even more.

niceguywii603286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Why did dude use a Killzone pic? it's not the best looking console game. Anyways ways games that are hyped to godly levels based on graphics that have piss poor or average gameplay will always fall short with consumers.

ABizzel13286d ago

Yes, but they don't make or break a game. They only polish it and make it the perfect package if the gameplay and story match.

zeddy3286d ago

the reason i completed killzone 2 campaign 3 times was the graphics. i never play a game 3 times.

mittwaffen3286d ago

Consoles are not HD as much as they want to market it. 720P is so low end its disrespectful to real HD (1080P+).

I always find any console game a huge knock off graphically of PC games due to the 5 year advantage on hardware.

Consoles show their age to me graphically, as does even a game such as Killzone, since consoles rely on ALOT of postprocessing effects to make up for its physical limitations on how much GEO can actually be produced.

The case is always the same, and with PC hardware being so cheap, its hard for me to take anyone seriously when they act like their console is a graphics god. 360/PS3 fanboys that believe this are blind to reality of hardware, and limitations.

Actually, I guess that might actually describe alot of the N4G community wouldnt it?

Sarcasm3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

Come on, you aren't a true gamer.

I have a decent PC that could run everything 60 to 150fps on the PC. But there are still games on consoles that's worth every penny and is still a great experience. Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Gears of War 1 and 2, Mass Effect 2, Super Mario Galaxy, Gran Turismo, Forza 3 etc. etc. etc.

Sure they aren't 1465466x anisotropic v-synced 554652xcssaascasdcascasasas 342534543p resolution, that doesn't take away that they are still enjoyable games.

If all you care about is resolution and how sharp a texture is, then you don't care about gaming. You only care about a sharp texture and resolution.

Gaming's first priority should be first and foremost ALWAYS about gameplay. The graphics is the second part of it only. Now I'm not saying games should have terrible graphics, but would you rather have a Amazing game with good graphics or a terrible game with amazing graphics?

And graphics doesn't have to boil to just f'in resolution and sharp textures, what about animation and creativity? Naughty Dog proved that with Uncharted 2's level of fluid animation and overall presentation.

An example of a terrible game with great graphical effect is Metro 2033. God that game is flippin' boring. But there sure is a lot of magic on it. But guess what? I'd rather go and play Left4Dead 2 which isn't quite the graphical beast but hell it's a lot more fun than that game.

madjedi3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

@mitt "Actually, I guess that might actually describe alot of the N4G community wouldnt it?"

Coming from the guy stroking his cock about how superior pc's graphically are to consoles that isn't saying much.

ps when you can get all pc games running @120fps at 4k resolution for $400-600 then i'll be impressed.

visualb3285d ago

you "love" pc's. you're no gamer, you're a tech junkie

point made

visualb3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

if it has great gameplay, SURE!

@ zeddy

so it wasn't be cause it was fun?! I did it twice because it was so damn epic and fun, the graphics and controlls helped the immersion of course, but above all, it was just so entertaining! =D

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Apocalypse Shadow3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

i've enjoyed videogames for years.but the better looking a game got,the more immersed i felt towards the game and the game characters.and i've played many.

sure story,control,replay ability and fun factor all play a role.but when you add graphics,it brings you closer to the imagination we all have.take for example:

i loved spiderman 1 on ps1/dreamcast.but spiderman 2 upped the ante because YOU were spiderman swinging over the city.the story blowed somewhat,the balloon kid irritated me to death.but the gameplay for controlling web swinging was so cool and great,i could do that for HOURS.that comes from having faster processors.

see the difference?

not only that,but in spiderman 1,they hid the system's lack of power with pea soup halfway down the the buildings.but in spiderman 2,i could go ANYWHERE.even to the ground.sure i had fun with the first,but the second nailed it.and that because of graphics.

i can play many games that have poor graphics.or no graphics and just GO SOUTH or GO NORTH and find the sleeping dragon next to the gold(some of these young kids won't know about this type of game)and try not to get roasted.but SEEING the dragon like in demon souls is a whole different story.and at first,you RUN FROM THAT DRAGON.words don't always create tension as seeing it up close.

graphics mean's part of the whole takes gaming to a new's why i await the next's not about being a graphics's about wanting to be more CONNECTED to the GAME.

George Sears3286d ago

Generally for me no. I dont buy games just because of graphics but at the same time I do appreciate when devs takes there time to make X type of game look good.

It's like my Finance tutor. She doesn't have to be a hot milf but she is. And that's a huge plus.

Convas3286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Good Graphics are important, do not be deceived, we'd all take a pretty, beautiful, fine, or gorgeous woman over an average one (given she had the desired qualities of course).

That said however, too much emphasis this generation has been placed on having "Amazing Graphics" to the point where games that aren't as stunning but equally as fun, or even more so that their divine looking counterparts are overlooked, nay, even scorned.

It's as if having "good graphics" somehow makes a game perfect and invalidates all issues one could raise, and it's a particularly frustrating trait a certain brand of mentally confused individuals display. When mentioning the quality of a game, the only argument they can come up with, and this happens each and every time, is "Teh grafix".

Bottom line, Graphics (which are really just art styles with different things applied like Animations, Physics, and Lighting) are great, especially good looking graphics, face it, EVERYBODY loves them some eye candy, but they should not be the be-all-end-all when it comes to judging a game, and it CERTAINLY should not be used as a weapon against other games.

Graphics are simply just part of the package, they should not be the only thing that you can call to mind when a game is mentioned, and if they are, can you really call yourself a gamer?

MrMccormo3286d ago

I agree with what your post said, but too much emphasis this generation has been placed on sales and review score numbers. It's to the point where you can say you like a game and you get laughed at (on the internet) if the game has anything less than an 85 average on Metacritic.

I have no problem with developers emphasizing graphics, or even some zealous gamers placing too much emphasis on it. It will simply mean we have better graphics!

number473286d ago

Who in the history of gaming has ever claimed that Graphics aren't part of the package? That they would rather have graphics & a bad game? That graphics are the only thing that comes to mind when talking about a favorite game of theirs?

Its arguing with a phantom. No one claims graphics make a game or break a game, if the game is good to begin with. A game is a game, it has to be good in order to be enjoyed, graphics do add more to the experience. But you cant have a game that is dreadful yet the graphics make its gameplay better.

Arguing Graphics over Gameplay is pointless because there is no opposition to that idea from any sane person. Might as well argue that Oxygen is good, or that fire burns your skin. Some people would like to think that there is some ominous being or group of people claiming that Graphics > Gameplay, but no. Just isn't true.

Convas3285d ago

"No one claims graphics make a game or break a game"

How long have you been on this site? Must not be very long. There are WAY too many examples of what you just said no one does on this site for me to list.

Lovable3286d ago

To me, nowadays, I can't play old games anymore although I love them so much before. Surely, this new age of gaming changed me a lot. I've been spoiled to great/realistic looking games.