NPD: Xbox 360 top selling home console again

Microsoft's system outsells Wii and PS3 in the US for the fourth month in a row

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billbox20103288d ago

That's less info than I expected. NPD sucks now...

StanLatMarveldotCom3288d ago

They put the responsibility on the console makers to report hardware sales that would then be verified by the NPD. So far, Microsoft and Nintendo have released their numbers, Sony has been the lone holdout.

ImpartialMan3288d ago

i am guessing the reason why this same NPD result is being posted multiple time is because of Xbox sales.

lol. and they keep argue that this site is ran by PS3 fanboys.

RageAgainstTheMShine3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

even if 360 sells more units than the Wii & the PS3 combined it will never top the PlayStation 3 nor imitate it in terms of quality and appeal.

A monkey is a monkey even if its covered with gold.

Jamie Foxx3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

It could be alot or it could be alittle its not been that great a margin the other months which is always nulled out and then overtaken by japans numbers.

Congrats to microsoft though kinect will surely give them a boost aswell

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3288d ago

those little 12yr olds love them some Xbox.

PS360fanboy3288d ago

...and trolling on these comments section...

Garnett3288d ago

you must love your xbox then.

yippiechicken3287d ago

And don't forget about us 46 year olds!


LoVeRSaMa3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

46 year olds, 12 year olds, there's a connection somewhere, I just can't put my finger on...

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

@LoveRsama lmao

Oh yippiechicken no! Come over to the light side of the force. PS3 love you long time. :P

yippiechicken3287d ago


Actually, I've got as PS3 (I've had my PS3 a lot longer than my 360) and a Wii also so I get the best that all 3 have to offer! It's awesome!


No Way3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Seems like you and LoVeRSaMa seem to find 12 year old more than me!
"there's a connection somewhere, I just can't put my finger on..." ^_^

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TheLastGuardian3288d ago

It's a crazy world we live in where a console with more features and a wide variety of AAA exclusives can be outsold by a console with only Gears 3, Fable 3 and Kinect shovelware to look forward to.

T9X693288d ago

I love stupid arguments like this. Exclusives doesn't = the only reason to own a console. There are hundreds and hundreds of mulitplatform games, as well as downloadable games on PSN/XBL. Some people might choose the 360 over PS3 because of the controller, interface, cheaper price, because their friends have it, etc. Some people have personal preferences you know. The Wii outsold both 360 and PS3, what's your excuse then?

StanLatMarveldotCom3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Keeping in mind also that major mutliplatform releases like Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, GTAIV and Fallout 3 etc., outperform the major exclusives on the PS3 console.

TheBlackSmoke3288d ago

"major mutliplatform releases like Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, GTAIV and Fallout 3 etc., outperform the major exclusives on the PS3 console."

As do they the 360 exclusives (all 3 of them) except teh haloz.

No, what am I saying? every 360 exclusive sells 10 million units, like Alan Wake.

StanLatMarveldotCom3288d ago

I'm not disputing what you're saying. The biggest selling titles this generation have been multiplatform. PS3 owners place a great emphasis on exclusives but it's hasn't translated to hardware sales or great software totals. My point is and as T9X69 stated, a lot of different factors go into determining a console purchase. To make the assumption that the PS3 should sell better because it has a better lineup of exclusives is silly.

zerocool33973288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

@TheLastGuardian I completely agree with T9X69 but there is something that he missed so I thought I would add to it.

People buy a console because they want a console, they dont want a DVD player, Blu-Ray player, web browser etc.. they want a console. All the extras is a valid argument but when you can now get Blu-Ray players cheaper than a PS3 it doesn't seem like a bright idea to get one. Most people would rather use their laptop or PC for browsing the net, that's what they are there for. So you can get free online play, that doesn't mean that it works out just as cheap either.

You say wide variety of AAA titles, I agree that there are some brilliant exclusives, but they are hardly in abundance. You call Kinect shovelware, I bet you have never tried it. I have tried the PS move and I can say that it really isn't anything spectacular and I could still do pretty much everything sat on my ass.

Sad fact is, this is a fanboy statement like many more out there, you follow blind loyalty. You limit yourself and complain about stuff thinking you know everything when in reality your accusations and statements are nothing but unfounded and uneducated. Its a console, you dont owe Sony anything, you dont own shares in the company and they really have no clue who the hell you are regardless of how you think they look after the little people.

Its a console, not the end of the world. Sony doesnt have to outsell MS and Nintendo, your life wont expire or the world wont explode if it doesnt.

Get a grip man.

@StanLatMarveldotCom most of the time they outperform on the Xbox actually, easy to make the mistake, just a few the other way around. I see it all the time when reviewing games.

ImpartialMan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

u realize console sales do GO up during major triple title release.

like halo. or MSG4, GT5 and such.

so people DO care about the exclusives. so thats your pathetic excuse?? games are not that important for gaming console?? Lolol

and ps3 exclusive games destroys xbox exclusives in terms of quality.
not to mention the insane graphics.

@zerocool U r one of them
and you guys are contradicting yourselves..
fanboys can be stupid sometimes, but this is just getting desperate isnt it??

according to you, people want console for gaming, so all that extra features of PS3 is not as important(arguable, but ok)

But if what you are saying is true, people will look at games(like exclusive games especially. As u said, game is important for gamers and PS3 has better exclusives.

BTW,most games look almost identical on PS3 now days. unless u are talking about some low budgeted crap game that no one plays.

TheBlackSmoke3288d ago

I think its time we left the "PS3 has all the extra stuff that gamers dont want" crap back in 2007.
The PS3 does not have to prove its worth as a games console anymore. It is producing the best gaming library this gen has won goty for the last 2 years with its exclusives.

The slim and price drop last year confirmed people were just waiting for the right price as the PS3 outsold the 360 right up until the 360 S a few months ago. The gap has closed to 4 million. 360 has a seen a boost because of the redesign and even cheaper arcade sku's which is too be expected. That is the only factor holding back the PS3 at this time.

Please stop with the BS, In the end what makes a console unique is its exclusive features and content. given the choice im sure people would always choose more features and more games. As it stands the 360 is just a cheaper alternative with Halo.

Last time I checked only halo and gears did phenomenal sales for 360 but that is to be expected when you put all your eggs in one basket,and with EA, Ubisoft, activision etc reporting higher revenue on PS3, this argument needs to die.

ImpartialMan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )


for xbox fanboys
for argument sakes, even if people are looking at gaming aspect, PS3 has the edge...

just from hardware side, it is not even comparable....
and you see that in exclusive games... hell, no game on xbox look as nearly good as KZ2 still...

they talk about sales only when it is useful the them they always forget to mention 100 bucks cheaper console or the fact the exclusive games DO drive hardware sales. (MSG, ME2, Halo, GoW3)

Amiroo3288d ago

People buy 360 because when you want to playt CoD there are least 2millions people online. people buys 360 because these exclusives you named better on 360 even in HD and PS3 version is Sub HD.
you talking about features ? PS3 features ? every Frimware $ony remove any feature they have . AAA titles ? like heavy rain with major Bugs and GT5 too ? and every one of the takes forever to release.
i dont understand in the internet PS3 fanboys are like billions but i dont know why they never buy these AAA titles on PS3 ?
go support your lame $ony and every day less feature

caladbolg7773288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

There's only *one* good reason why you'd own a 360 over a PS3... your parents won't/didn't buy you a PS3. Straight up. If you earn your own money and you bought a 360 instead of a PS3, then you're a moron. Plain and simple.

corneliuscrust3287d ago

That the 360 actually has a lot of decent features that aren't so well advertised.

Custom soundtracks in game. Every game, no exceptions. And these custom soundtracks can be streamed over your network so there is no need to store your music locally. This is a big deal for me and helps me lean toward playing on the 360 more than I do on the ps3. I know I'm not the only one.

zerocool33973287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

@ImpartialMan I wouldn't class myself as an Xbox or PS3 fanboy, heaven forbid a Nintendo fanboy. I like games, I play games, I use my laptop for anything like browsing the net and such. I am a gaming fanboy. I don't distinguish between consoles because lets face it, there are good games on both making the fanboy argument redundant.

I don't think either console has the better exclusives when it comes to the PS3 and the Xbox. They both have exclusives that all appeal to a particular market. I enjoy both ranges and each appeal to me in different ways. I like the sandbox of LBP, I like the blowing shit up on Halo and Gears. I like the story on Uncharted.. all these games appeal in different ways.

In your way you are right, for you the PS3 has better releases but for someone else it might be the Xbox. I have no preference. If a game is good, it doesn't matter what the console. Hell I still like some games that are so old that most young people wont have even heard of them. Its about what you like.

People kick off over the silliest of reasons and the only thing it shows is that people are stupid and they will believe anything. They will believe a lie because they want to believe it.

I think people agreeing and disagreeing with you shows that not everyone has the same opinion, good job really otherwise we would all be sheep.

Everyone is always talking about how powerful it is, its not that much difference and unless you have microscopes for eyes you really wont see it. In this day and age, people take gameplay over graphics. If a game is good, why should the graphics matter if you can see it well enough.

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jaysquared3288d ago

Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husbands because the 360 is raping everybody out herre!

HDgamer3288d ago

You mean in the house fire it caused?

HDgamer3287d ago

One bubble is only one lol.

harrysmith3288d ago

SONY need a $199 PS3 i think. $299 is still to much[well not for me but for a normal person who walks into a shop, 99% of the time they go for the cheapest. Sad but true]

crzyjackbauer3287d ago

when I think of a gaming console I don’t think about web browser or bluray player
I think about games, and Xbox is just a better experience, when I turn on my xbox its too play
I've never touched Netflix or facebook I know it has them but im just here to play
sure the ps3 has more exclusives but not all of them appeal to me
and multiplat games just play better on 360

my ps3 has been collecting dust since I got it back from sony mine got YLOD so I trade it for a slim for $150

xAlmostPro3288d ago

the same thing all the time with NPD, its worldwide sales that matter.. its really no suprise 360 sells more in the US it always has lol

but is it doing so well worldwide? no it isn't..

and remember sony work out PS3 sales by the amount bought from retailers, not shipped to retailers like microsoft do with the 360

No Way3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

So, you know how the inner workings are at the two companies?
Do you do the 'numbers' yourself? Is that how you're so insightful?!

You got proof?

TROLL EATER3287d ago

must be the halo reach effect. fable 3 lookin well too

crzyjackbauer3287d ago

"NPD sucks now... "
why cuz it dosent show the ps3 as #1?

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xxmob3288d ago

i must be blind the article says "Friday 15-Oct-2010 12:17 AM Microsoft's system outsells Wii and PS3 in the US for the fourth month in a row"

well here in America its thursday october 14 2010. 5:21 west coast and 8:21 east cost

djhsecondnature3288d ago

There are other countries you know :-p CVG is UK based.

xxmob3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

"Friday 15-Oct-2010 12:17 AM Microsoft's system outsells Wii and PS3 in the US for the fourth month in a row"

It clearly stats the US(united states)

but yeah, I can see what you are saying

TheBlackSmoke3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

4th month in a row?

I thought 360 has always outsold the PS3 by 2 billion every NPD since the beginning of time?

Moentjers3288d ago


you mean since they released their console 1 year before the PS3 ?

TheBlackSmoke3288d ago


Shhhh, your not supposed to use the real facts.

Moentjers3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )


I'm sorry I broke the code.

Must be friday or something like that.

Edit: still find it funny you have more disagrees than me.

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ArcFatalix3288d ago

ya we know xbawx is top. good for it and its fanboys.

T9X693288d ago

If it was the other way around and PS3 was on top, you wouldn't be saying a damn thing. In fact, you would probably be the first to hit the approve button.

Redrum0593288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

i remember when this site had real news about games every 10 minutes.
but now it seems like gaming is all about numbers.


good point

crazy8cs3288d ago


dtrain213288d ago

I kinda fell bad for the haters. I keep tellin u droids watch out for the domination.

PS3 will never be FIRST and will always be LAST place.

PS3 fanboys dont wanna hear numbers from NPD, Microsoft, VGCharts, nor from $ony...embarassing and disappointing. Bunch of sore losers.

BeAGamer3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

why do you care about sales so much?
you win nothing
play games instead of wasting all that energy for trolling
thank goodness I have all 3 systems this gen

ingiomar3288d ago

If it weren't for sales we wouldn't even be playing quality games right now, imagine if Killzone 1 or GT sold only 10 copy's, there wouldn't be no money for sequels.

Sales ARE important and besides it's interesting to know how many sales your favorite game has, so you can expect a sequel or some sort of successor.

CharlesDCI3288d ago

I have played some of the best games in my life thanks to PS3 Exclusives. I don't feel like sore loser at all. If you want to play the numbers game all Sony really has to do is lower the price again.

gtamike3288d ago

GT5 will sell alot of PS3's

Mystogan3288d ago

And start losing money again?

Sony knows that if they start a price-war, The Xbox 360 will rape them... They will lose a lot of money.

commodore643288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

@ gtamike

"just wait
GT5 will sell alot of PS3's (sic)"

well that's what they said about the ps3 Move launch.
While plenty of move controllers have been sold, they have not really increased the sales of ps3 skus at all.
Existing hardcore ps3 owners are the only ones who seem interested in the Move, while significant numbers of new ps3 customers seem strangely absent.

Undoubtedly GT5 will sell bucketloads of copies.
But will it shift more ps3 skus?


Calm Down Sunshine3288d ago

"I kinda fell bad for the haters. I keep tellin u droids watch out for the domination."

It's almost as though he doesn't even notice the "in the US" part.

There's more to this planet than the land of the beef burger.. Or do you say hamburger?

xAlmostPro3288d ago

lol @dtrain yet here you are hating on PS3 owners..

well done your favourite console outsells the ps3 in the US.. does it do the same worldwide? nah..

How do sony work out PS3 sales? by how many systems are purchased FROM the retailers

How do microsoft work out 360 sales? by how many systems are purchased BY the retailers..

That fact alone shows why the 360 has its small lead over PS3 atm, plus the fact the 360 had a year headstart.. and the fact the 360 sells more in the US than any other region.. and this articles about US sales..

so yeah keep it up guys.. your uber console is dying everywhere else lol

(by the way i do own a 360 and a ps3, but i like to talk facts..sorry)

avengers19783287d ago

@dtrain21 seeing as how the PS3 has been out selling the 360 worldwide for sometime now there could definately be a swap between 360 and PS3 for second place.
Just like 360 fanboys don't want to hear about worldwide sales or the increase in sales momentum for the PS3 in EU.

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